Thursday, February 18, 2010


Meeting different people from my everyday social-living gives me different observations in our behavior and attitude. One of these observations is our table manner that transmits either favorable or destructive impression.

We don’t really have to be formal and put things in traditional and compulsory behavior in front of lunch or dinner. We don’t need to act like gentleman’s offering chairs to the ladies at all times. We are not really required to have the proper dress code, use tablecloth and utensils. We don’t need to control ourselves in talking – that’s part of healthy and exciting communication during the dinner.  But the way you actually eat is what really matters.

In several occasions when I used to sit in a group lunch, I feel irritated to hear the sound of spoon hitting the teeth when taking it in. I myself am not exception to this, in some incident my spoon hits my teeth and I know it. But I immediately pay attention on it so that the succeeding food-taking will not create same sound again. Take time in taking-in the foods, do it slowly and one at a time. Because the faster you do it, the more chances you will repeat it.

Much more irritation comes to me when I hear the unpleasant noise of masticating the food inside their mouth. It's so unlikable to hear chewing your foods in loud way because it sounds like an animal eating its food - it's really disgusting. I have joined to eat with a group of professionals in different occasions. It makes big turn off for me to hear such sound of water mixing in the chewed foods. No matter who they are and how nice their looks, it’s a disgrace for me. What these guys need is simply close their mouth while they are chewing the food. In that way, the mouth will become sound proof and no unpleasant noise will come out from there.

Also, when someone is using his own spoon to pick up dishes instead of the serving spoon, I feel awkward to complete my dinner then. It can be somehow acceptable if he used his fork, and unless you are romantically involved  - it is okay. But for a lunch or dinner of a group with different tastes, different way of life and different belief,  who are just happy to share food as company – this is an unhygienic manner. You must also pay attention with what you eat. Salads usually leave your lips with white cream due to the mayo used. And while you are talking, the two sides of your lips are producing the accumulated cream and cheese. So be careful.

And lastly, I see this one mostly in males. During the finale of our dinner: some of you guys when drinking water are gurgling it before you take it in. It is really uncomfortable for me to see this picture. Can’t imagine how the cold water turned into warm, the mixing saliva and the food "residue" - it doesn’t tastes drinking water at all. You consider this: there is separate time to clean your mouth. You have the time to go to lavatory which is more appropriate and proper.

Food Manners and Right Conduct, your etiquette.

Alex Villamayor

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