Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The true measure of a man is not his virility, vigour and being valiant. These are not the barometer of manhood but merely face of chauvinism that discriminates the opposite sex and even their identical gender. Men who uplift the strong sense of masculinity and give high importance in their manhood are pathetic – they become worthless who do not have other greatness rather than their sexual, physical and biological competence.

These are just forms of sexism rather than being a true man. The measure of a man is often interpreted as the power he exhibits in the society. But deeper than that, the stand of a man is his social relation, the reputation he built, the word of honor he applies, and the duties and responsibilities he performed throughout his life – these will make him a man.

The essence of a man is when you left the world better than when you found it, either by an improved idea, sweet poem and song or a rescued soul. If you value your word of honor and conviction, if you live your life with respect and courtesy – you are the man. Because the core essence of a man is the life he lived that will be best remembered when he died.

Alex Villamayor

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