Monday, February 14, 2011


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Being a man has so much to think about – like his family, career, fitness, name and his image just to name a few.  But very much at top of these is the penis size that concerns a man especially if he is unfortunately undersized. 

The penis size has been an old and long discussion over men’s conversation, marriage relationship, and personal fulfillment. This subject is always part of every growing male’s curiosity and inquiry during the puberty age.  Without the proper orientation, this could bring misinformation, misleading and insecurity on adolescent male.  Until reaching the age of a full-grown man, the unsatisfied man prompted himself to consider penile enhancement to cover his insecurity, uncertainty and apprehension.  This feeling pressures him especially when the man is into relationship or about to make the biggest decision on his life – planning the marriage and eventually have children.

Unless it is extremely and unusually very small, the medical studies and explanation said that all healthy men should have no fear of unable to have children when it comes in reproductive points of view.  However, the size is most likely discouraging when it comes in giving pleasure to partner.  Moreover, it is said that an ordinary small male’s sex organ is enough in giving sexual satisfaction to his partner.  It doesn’t really matter although big size may add the icing but going into deeper sense of it, women in general are not paying more attention on their partner’s genital.  According to surveys, women are actually satisfied with the average man especially if the man knows how to handle their partner.

Even the contented men themselves are saying size of their penis is not important.  It is just an added attraction on man’s anatomy.  What they are after for is their performance to complete the needs and desires of their partner.  What is the use of having huge male’s genital if the man doesn’t know how to use it, or if he can’t make his genital into power?  Measurement can be a main factor of manhood but it is pointless to vaunt it where in reality is only you and your wife can see it?  The point of bragging it is unnecessary, unlikely and unmanly.  And to top it all, the true gentleman doesn’t do it.

We have 24 hours in one day and we consume only few minutes in sex.  This simply means sex does not own the biggest part of our life and it is not alone that will make our days.  You have so much time for the rest of the day to make your relationship fulfilling.  Take your partner to dine out, give your spouse sweet notes, cook for her, listen to music and watch movies together just to cite few.  There are some more you can think and accomplish rather than bothering yourself about your measurement.  You can make your times and life more productive by discovering things that will make you a better man and useful citizen.  Explore your limits, discover your talents, find out what you can do for your development.

Big size, good looks and ability to give pleasure are advantage points but the main thing in the relationship is love.  Women want care, passion, respect, truthfulness and faithfulness from their husband to keep their relationship working.  It is not in bedroom alone that your life will run.  Don’t allow space for guilt and self pity if you’re not contented with your penis.  It is not the core of man’s existence.  The essence of a man is the good life he lived that will be best remembered by his wife, children and neighbors.  Not even the virility, vigor, and boldness are the measurements of man’s masculinity.  The true measure of a man is the character, conviction, responsibilities and word of honor that he established in his life.

Alex V. Villamayor
February 14, 2011
Dhahran, KSA

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