Friday, February 25, 2011


There are some people saying that there’s nothing happened after People Power, also known as Philippines' The 1986 EDSA Revolution since there are still the economic instability and disarray political form.  Adding that there are no changes at all since we’re still 3rd world country and poverty has became worse.  While the country has rampant graft and corruption, economic stability strand at low level, and the prices of commodities are soaring high.  And what’s more appalling here is that some people are saying there is nothing benefit from EDSA Revolution.  They are even upbraiding that if people did not revolt in 1986, the life today will be better, the economic will grow higher, the country will be good.  With these left and right contentions, some people are saying that it is still better during the Martial Law than today’s disorder.

I would definitely and strongly say, there should have 1986 EDSA Revolution, and never again to Martial Law.  The very purpose of EDSA Revolution is to restore the democracy that has been suppressed for decades.   It’s all about repressive from iron fist and to have big change that has been aspired for long.  Enough is enough: the excessive military abuses that enforced the human rights violation, oppression and harassment, the suppression of democratic freedom, rampant mass arrest of political opponents, summary execution, desapersisados, widespread manipulation of media, and plundering the national treasury during martial law – is it the meaning of good during martial law?

EDSA Revolution was not raised to ascend the economy.  From the time Americans turned over to us the governance of our country, we should have been better if not for the crooked politicians.  The country was enjoying the respect of being the Tiger Economy of Asia having the strong purchasing power of the currency during the regimes before the EDSA revolution.  Not until the martial law came into existence, the wealth that the Americans raised and remitted to us was misused resulting vast poverty, how then could it be that the economy was better where our foreign debt has dramatically soared high and unemployment hit high rate.  How life could be better during that time when you are like rat finding to hide yourself in cave from policemen and armies?  It was not discipline but rather fear from the hangmen in person of these men in uniform.

The previous administration before EDSA Revolution was good during the first term, where the infrastructures were the topmost banner, it was felt-being among Filipinos, but has changed on the second term of the administration.  The administration became obsessed in power that made them focused to plan their stay in power rather than sustaining the economic growth of the country and welfare of the people.   Capitalizing the military by empowering the force with those trusted men, and appointing those allies who have unquestionable loyalty to facilitate the amendment of Constitution were the urgent mission, making it easier to manipulate the full control in the country.  It was during this regime the military rebels and communists came into existence – signs of resistance to an iron fist, military abuse, dictatorship and dirty governance.

I always have high respect, regards, and gratitude to 1986 People Power Revolution – a dangerous life in four days in February that showed bloodless revolution and acknowledged worldwide.   From the start, I’d love the spirit and objective of EDSA Revolution which we are still profiting the benefits up to now.  I think it is the succeeding administration after the EDSA Revolution governance who has the turn to give the prosperity.  Practically, prosperity cannot be achieved right after the EDSA Revolution.  After recovering and restoring the democracy, the main platform of the assuming government is to establish the peace and order.  Sad to say it was aborted by leftish group who wants to go on with the original plan of taking over the government from dictator to military.  I am pity with the essence of People Power – it should be the turning point and perfect timing to have national renewal and changes among all people.  The public has the full support, high morale and has very high trust on the new government.  But this opportunity was squandered by some politicians.  We should not charge the EDSA revolution for submerging us in a worse condition of poverty but rather the same old traditional politicians we have that were leading us after the EDSA revolution.

The essence and spirit of EDSA revolution is always here, but it is always in our hand to do the complete changes.  It’s already here, the benefits of People Power have already given to us, all we need to do is to extend our sincere service and contribution.

Alex V. Villamayor
February 25, 2011
Thoqbah, KSA

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