Monday, September 26, 2011


A couple of two years ago, I used to maintain the 67 kilograms of my weight.  That was actually my normal weight for several years and I am glad to maintain it as ideal for my height of 174 cm.  I had no diet to follow then, but I made sure that I was eating more on vegies although on very seldom occasions I consumed pork, beef and chicken meat.  And as long as I do my work out regularly, I feel confident with this.   But after a year or two, I have observed my going up weight.  When I reached the 70 kilos, I was already alarmed to start watching my health but it seemed that no matter how hard exercises, the numbers are slowly growing.  Although my blood count was still within the ideal range but it was moving closely to the maximum.  Until I reached 76 kilos last summer 2011, I decided then to have my annual blood test to find out that I am already exceeding the normal limitations of my cholesterol and triglycerides level. Thanks, my sugar was very good.

Triglycerides level is reported as the main leading indicator to heart diseases and stroke.   All the while, I thought and I always believed that I was still enclosed with the safe range of health.  I do not smoke, vegetables are still my favorites, I do my work-outs, my metabolism can burn faster and although I am not interested in sweets, soft drink, beer and wine, I thought these will free me from health worries.  But I have to admit that for a while, my eating habit has been unhealthy in terms of its quantity.  Upon learning my maximum weight so far, I was always then inspired and motivated to reduce and control my weight by being pro-active.  I forced myself to have 10,000 steps a day and do the 45 minutes of the combined walking and stretching.  Reducing my food intakes was also done carefully and I believed the “once in a while” food trip with friends can be gotten even with my active life style.  I was never as conscious as before on my health not until I received the doctor’s advice.  And the moment I’ve learned the high count of my cholesterol, it really bothered me to religiously follow my diet.  It was not considered very high but it is high enough to give heart attack and the fear of having cardio failure was what really frightened me.

So I made myself decided to embrace the real determination of returning my blood count back to normal and losing my weight to set a goal of 67 kilos again.  It was hard during the first two weeks of diet where the feeling of "not enough" comparing to the habitual food intake, and the thought of craving for delicious foods test my control.  One of the hardest part here is you can see your friends eating your favorite foods while you’re there in the group but alone and feeling out of place.  But every time I look back to the goal I set, recall the dedication I started that might waste, and think the possibility of heart attack - I go back again my to my strong determination.  Considering the fact that I only control the food instead of stop eating the “watch list foods”, that I am not skipping eating, and thinking that it's a matter of healthy meal versus not - these make me enough to discipline myself.  What more important here is I can eat them anyway though it may not this time but soon, and on that time - it is measures.  Anyway, since triglycerides are fats in foods through excessive amounts of carbohydrates, I chose to take more protein, fiber and less carbs and fats as my personal diet with green light from the doctor.

I don’t want to bear the pain of heart attack, become burden to those who’ll take care of me, and besides I cannot afford the medication for heart stroke.  These things really make me reminded to my vow, impose self-discipline and live the determination in myself.  It’s just a matter of getting yourself used of it.  After the first two weeks, my food intake became a normal feeling.  I do not feel empty stomach after hours of my light meal, do not feel envy to see people frequently eating festive foods but instead feel pity and worried for them.  I’ve gained control against food temptation, learned to look at the amounts of foods and check the back label of every food I am buying.   I love myself, I know I can eat again those foods in the right time but for the meantime, I am satisfied to eat the light meal that is good enough for me.  I’ve written some article about health as my support to wellness and fitness, and I have to stand by it by setting an example.  In the end, it’s only me who will solely bear the pain, the finance and the reality of no other will take care my own health except me.

Alex V. Villamayor
September 25, 2011

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