Saturday, October 22, 2011


While I was pondering the moment with different inspiring thoughts that were popping up in my mind, there was an important word that one of my friends has emphasized to me during our one unforgettable conversation – TRUST.

In both personal and professional point of view, trust plays important part in building the very good foundation of relationship.  As a working expatriate like me, trust enhances our relationship with our family back home.  The love for our spouses and children grows each day despite the absence of our personal interaction and communication.  With the trust we continuously give to each other, it strengthens our shared confidence and love.  No matter how harsh the hindrances that obstructs in our long-distance relationship but if trust exists in the relation, it will work come high and low.

The same should go with our friends and colleague in our accommodation and workstation.  We need to put trust in our companionship and friendship especially to those we’ve jive in sharing a common interest.  We should value the mutual understanding, respect and trust to each other in order to go along with the friendly relationship.

In work, trust is also an important part of healthy relationship between the employer and employees.  The supervisor should demonstrate a motivating confidence to his subordinates in doing the assigned tasks and in return, the employee should be honest enough in doing their job.  Once trust is established, teamwork may have formed and there will be a focus followed.  All together these, we can expect achieving and sustaining high performance and productive output.

“A name you can trust” may seem an antiquated words in the business world but this phrase show the very essence of trust-based relationships which should not gone out of date.  Start with a trust-based partnership and you’ll deliver on the shared vision.  Mutual trust from both leader and individual employee is sign of maturity and professionalism in a healthy work environment that should work on hand in hand.

With a trustworthy and honest leader, you will not feel doubt to share your personal and career goals.   The employee has to entrust the company in planning the career advancement and professional development for its staff, in the same way he was entrusted in giving back the knowledge he gained that will benefit the organizational growth.

It takes a complete trust to run a smooth-sailing relationship.  And once trusted you should not lose the trust because it may collapse the foundation of the relationship.  Remember that broken trust is very hard to restore whether it is in personal or professional matter.

Alex V. Villamayor
October 2, 2011

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