Saturday, November 12, 2011


(The following story is the unedited copy of an article published in The Arabian Sun Vol. LXVI, #45, a Saudi Aramco weekly newsletter)

Every one of us is working hard to increase our savings for our better future.  But in order to work, we need first to keep ourselves always fit to work.  And though everyone is busy, we still need to spare time to be active and do some work-outs.  We must keep in mind that all of our hard works and earnings will be wasted if we are sick.  Like what it is said in the old and trite saying that “Health is wealth”.

I used to be within the range of my ideal weight and normal blood pressure which I kept for several years.  But then in the recent year, I’ve noticed the gradual increasing of my weight has made me difficult to control despite of having regular work-out until I exceeded in the normal range of blood count.

It was not considered very high but it is enough to give me the fear of having cardio failure.  The physician advised me to watch my food choice to avoid heart disease and even stroke.  This really bothered me and made me to thoroughly follow the given diet.

All the while I thought that I was living healthy because of the active and clean life-style I am imposing to myself.  And I always relied that having fast body metabolism quickly absorbs my food intake that give no time to turn into fat, but then I’ve realized aging makes changes.  The lesson I learned: don’t be complacent.

To start, I have to set the goal and should go for it.  I valued my determination and strengthened my self-discipline to achieve that goal.  Diet was difficult during the early days but later on, I felt it was just a matter of getting yourself used of it.  But what have motivated me most is to dispel the fear of bearing the pain of illness and the cost of treating heart failure.

I’ve written some articles about health as my support to wellness and fitness.  As my small way, I hope through writing I could touch and reach other people across the organization and encourage them to understand the importance of making health as goal.  Determination and self-discipline are the prime keys to achieve your goal because what our mind can conceive our body can achieve. 

I want to inspire the readers by conveying the information I read in an article that says choosing the right food, being pro-active and smoking cessation will keep us fit and healthy.  Being healthy makes our internal organs in their best form and condition, brain stays attentive and focused while the heart and lungs are functioning well and efficiently.  Our body, bones and muscles become strong and in better tone while the blood circulates well and gives normal blood pressure.  In a nutshell, being healthy makes us better individuals and gives sense of well-being.

One of Saudi Aramco’s corporate values is safety wherein health is one of its standards that the company is striving to maintain at the highest level.  In Utilities Department where I am assigned, it’s nice to feel the full support of our organization to the various programs of UD Wellness.  Through the active and warm participation of the employees, the emphasis to the health standard provided to the employees is well received and appreciated.  While the company and the employees are sharing the responsibilities of instituting health awareness in work, it eventually creates a healthy environment that builds a productive and abundant community. 

By Alex V. Villamayor
October 23, 2011

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