Thursday, September 13, 2012


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When we talk about birth control, it is important to establish the start of human life because this is the very beginning of the argument between the anti and pro birth control which plays major impact in population explosion.  Every sperm that comes out has life on it.  In a single release during male ejaculation, thousands of lives were freed and all are ready to develop once meet the egg cell of female.  That is why using any form of artificial contraceptive is killing life which is an abortion and a mortal sin. However, a claim says that human life actually starts only when the sperm and egg cell meet.  The sperm released are tiny cells that are only part of life to be and still not guaranteed to create new human being.  It is not human so how can it call abortion if there is no killing of human life?

Between these disputes, it is very difficult which side is to believe.   It is said that contraceptives immediately deprive the child’s right to receive life and to be born.  Birth control doesn’t give the child the chance to see the beauty of our shared world.    Responding to that, contraceptives do not deny child’s right to live because there is no child during the release of sperm.  Human body is not a magical thing that during male’s ejaculation is a form of fluids and the literal life will suddenly exist once the sperm and egg meet.  However looking the sperm in a microscope, the micro-organism can be seen moving which proves it’s alive, and anything that moves has life or alive.  Outs here, it is said that the signs of life are growth and breath, no living thing has life if doesn’t grow and breathe.

Religions play significant role here, it really depends on your belief if what flock of religion you belong.  But then, even among ourselves in one religion has our notion of our belief.  The difficult part in ourselves is that we should know exactly when to take the words in our scriptures metaphorically and literally.  For some, it’s difficult to understand theoretically or figuratively if there is really life in every sperm released. But for conservative followers who religiously follow their church’s Head, they entrust the decision for them.  When it is said “be fruitful, go forth and multiply”, do we need to take this literally?  But it did not state how much and up to what extent we need to multiply.  Following to that line, if in one religion is acceptable to use calendar method in planning the family, then is it the same as the male is just killing the lives on his sperm because he is releasing his sperm knowing they will not meet any egg cell until they die?  If every sperm cell has life on it, would it mean that male masturbation is a form of massive abortion?

Other point says that there is no need for birth control since sex should only take place between two married couple which holds on their very purpose of multiplying.  This statement immediately junks the immorality of pre-marital sex, extra-marital affair and homosexuality.  But then again, married couples are not animals that perform sex for procreation only and instead should be considered as way to express their love, passion and emotion.  As married couples, they are just deserved and entitled to illustrate the intimate feelings for each other.  If poverty suffers the whole family, then contraceptives take over to preserve the spouses’ expression of affection.

It is seen that since ancient time until this date, sex is regarded as procreation.  And also it is seen that many religions want procreation because they want to have more followers, this is sort of a hidden way of multiplying their flock.But from the beginning up to this day, the scriptures should not change as everything has reasons and was written accordingly.  In the end, it’s really up to every individual how they interpret the scriptures.  At any rate, it will depend on what is God’s calling for His people to do or not to do.  But for our part, if how many children we can properly raise, afford to support and take care of, then that’s how many children we should have.

By Alex V. Villamayor
September 11, 2012, Khobar KSA

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