Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The Cybercrime Prevention Act or the RA 10175 aims to combat internet crimes such as hacking, identity theft, spamming and online pornography.  This is good because it is important and necessary to address the growing incidence of crimes through cyberspace.  However, it is blocked by the filed petitions from its critics from human rights groups, journalists, bloggers, lawyers, and academe arguing the legality of the law because it violates the freedom of the people – primarily the violations of freedom of expression.

Personally I like this cybercrime law because as a writer by heart, I’d like my original written stories that I have worked hard be safe from unauthorized and unknown copiers.  For a writer, there is no more painful than rob your idea, intellectual rights is a writers’ protection.  But in general, I believe cybercrime act is high time to protect the preys that have harassed, oppressed and bullied through internet.  It is timely because at this very moment, there are many netizens have been aggrieved, oppressed and persecuted in internet.

It is so easy to open up an account in different social networking such as  Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Netlog, twitter, WAYN and YouTube to name a few.  And for many it is very easy to do irresponsible posts and comments in the social media because we are not face to face with our readers.  There are just people who have no confidence to speak in front of you and they can just show their courage through the power of social media.

And it is indeed very easy to create bogus account and use computer for rent in any downtown’s tacky internet cafe’ without being identified.  Although you may using your official account but technically you are still hiding on the shield of your account.  Words, pictures and videos are just a matter of one click.  And we need the cybercrime law to give lesson those who are irresponsible and abusive having the right to freedom of expression.

Internet is an indispensable tool in our present time.  But everyone must be careful to use the internet properly.  Let’s admit, people are taking advantage the freedom of speech to justify their act of excessive criticizing.  In cyber world one can easily upload defamatory, degrading and blatant video and pictures.  Everyone can freely express their opinion about anything and easily post foul and demeaning online attacks.  But we must keep in mind that included in democracy and freedom of expression is the responsibility.  Not because we’re in democratic country we can say whatever we want – we should be sensitive with others.

Netizens should not afraid if they know they are doing nothing wrong.  But then if you feel you did not do wrong yet if the approved law says it is wrong and it controls you for that, then this is how the opportunist can use the law to silence the critics.  One must know what is prescribed in our ethics, hurtful slurs, nasty, vile and vicious attacks.

we need the Cybercrime Act to protect us from online harassment, identity theft, hacking, cybersex and from those abusive who used freedom of expression and democracy as their excuse.   I think R.A. 10175 just needs to amend few provisions enclosed in there.  But overall, the very purpose of the act is good, just and right.

By Alex V. Villamayor

October 11, 2012

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