Thursday, October 18, 2012


The difficult thing to do is when you cannot do what you really most liked to do.  How will you feel when you cannot express what’s in your mind or you cannot speak the words that can please you?  It’s a pity.  Although you know it is for the good of something, things are still not that easily done.

It is not that you have disability but it goes for those who keep things undisclosed as conformity.  If for some reason you should not do anything that can disclose something, then taking the painful truth is the most possible you can do, but then again it’s still hurting when you cannot do what you want to do because of restrictions.

It’s a matter of holding on to your word of honour and valuing the importance of your conviction.  When you are proud of something to show, when you feel to touch other’s life, when you want to show your gratitude, concern and affection, and when you are about to do these but you are bounded with promise of not doing these, it hurts but you need to stand your conviction.

Because there are times you just need to go with the flow and just bear the pain of it as if it is the best for the rest, you’ll just give way for the sake of that majority.  There are good things that you don’t need to do if it can harm.    If why, it is because we are living not only for ourselves.  "Good for you" doesn’t mean good to your brothers and sisters.

You will feel the fury, losing, sadness and anguish in yourself but you can’t help it but to resist.  Folding your wings while you can stretch them and go fly locks you in the cage.  If the emotion in your heart is confined because of self-infliction then it will make your world to become smaller and most things will turn complicated.

While it is true that there is nothing sweeter than to be free, but there are times that you need to prefer unspoken to protect others rather than yourself.  Words are powerful ways of complementing others but if you cannot say it will be in vain.  If action speaks louder than voice, then the most that you can do is to say it through eyes.  Eyes are the windows of the soul, the persons’ thoughts can be ascertained by looking into their eyes.

Sometimes you have no choice but to undo what is needed to do.  If your responsibility is to keep yourself inside the six-side of the box, though the dark will wrap you whole but from there you can see the light from darkness.  There’s always way for everything.  Look at what the darkness can make for you.

It is better still you do what you feel to do because it is good to carry out what you want before it become too late.  There are many ways of expressing your thoughts and feeling other than words.  What you need to do is look intensely into your heart and let is speak for yourself.

By Alex V. Villamayor
October 18, 2012

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