Thursday, October 11, 2012


Life is made up of problems, trial and difficulties.  Without them will not be challenging, interesting and exciting.  Every surpassed challenge, the taste of victory is sweet and life is so good to live with.  But what if life is full of problems that do not end?

When we feel that our difficulties seem never end, when the sufferings in our life do not leave us, then it’s time for ourselves to have reflection.   If it seems there are hurdles in our dream, goal and courses of action, then maybe there is something wrong with us that we need to change. We need to do some self-check. 

Self-reflection is a careful thought about your own behavior and beliefs.  It is the time for us to evaluate and correct ourselves.  In our time of reflection, examine ourselves, analyze our persistence and the actions we’ve taken in beating our struggles.  Scrutinize, maybe our courses of action to achieve what we aimed to accomplish are still not enough and we need to push further ourselves.

Despite of this, if we think we’ve done what we should do yet life is still seemingly a heavy burden to carry, then it might be something personal.  Maybe we need to change our behavior, personality and character.   Let us look at ourselves and carefully examine our character and personality towards social relationships.  Have a sincere meditation and thoroughly evaluate ourselves without being bias and subjective.  We have to be fair in our self-evaluation.  Reflect if our persona is good.  We may have bad behavior and wrong-doings that we put into our lives.  Karma will payback if we are living in the wrong way of social interaction.

If often we hurt, oppress and aggrieve some people with our unpleasant behavior, then no matter how hard we sincerely strive good karma will hardly land in our hands. The more we do these and the more people we hurt, the more people will wish us to suffer.  Maybe people hate us and their collective desires will make our life miserable.  We may notice the incessant suffering, be it financial difficulties and health condition, but what’s more saddening and hurting is its extension to our closest persons that are getting involved in difficulty because of our unpleasant behavior, until we realized the importance of social relationship.

I’d been in the certain point of battling the burden and did a thorough reflection.  Although I could say it was not about character and personality towards human relationships.  What I did was cleaning of conscience to lighten the burden, changed and started anew.  I freed all the negative emotions that homed in me for times like despair, pessimism, jinxed, and the most negative here was the grudge which I freed through forgiving those people whom I had ill feelings against.

What I’m trying to highlight is the importance of self-reflection.  If you did it with all your heart, you will feel the gratification instantly in yourself.  Life can be difficult still but hope lightens it because you don’t have carrying resentments.  Until you have used to it and end the suffering.

By Alex V. Villamayor 
 October 12, 2012

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