Monday, December 31, 2012


As the end of the year 2012 approaches, I’ve came across to recollect the news about the end of the world that headlined in the past few days.  In my years of existence, I remember as a conscious individual that there had been several times that the end of our planet had seriously feared and talked nationwideThe doomsday.

In 1988, I was really frightened with that 8-8-88 doomsday prediction.At that time, an article describing how it will look when the doomsday comes on 8-8-88 was randomly distributed.  It quoted there that different demons will come up that no one can bear how it look-like.  People were advised to cover the doors, windows and every hole that light could pass through with black covering.

Whether it’s prediction or prophecy, it’s difficult to blame the believing public because there are solid proof and signs that every psychics and prophets are holding.  And these signs from different scriptures of any religions are manifesting: war, earthquake, drought, typhoon, sickness – these are happening in our later days.

When year 2000 was approaching, the same prediction was revived again.  There was a great panic across the world that did not exempt me.  At first it troubled me but it naturally died out when I felt something strong on my faith.  When the anticipating end of the world did not happened, same prediction was circulated in emails on early year 2000 that come December 12, 2012 will be global holiday as everything on earth will totally stop because of the end of the world.  All planets will align on 12-12-12 causing a massive collision and destruction.  There was also the 11-11-11 prediction but as of now, apparently those predictions did not occur.

The 12-12-12 occurrence actually did not bother me because I could say I am not afraid to die now.  In my earlier years, I admit that I have fear of dying.  That was during the times I feel it’s my high days and I am full of regret to leave the things that I love so much.  Aside from the pain of dying, there were lots of small worldly things like sentimental novelty items, personal stuff, pictures and even my favorite clothes that I regret to disown.

But lately, it’s natural that I feel I am not afraid to die.  The pain of dying is still there but other than that, I’m no longer regretful to leave the earth. I think I’ve already reached my peak and at my age now, it seemed that nothing bigger I can expect for more to make me happy.  For one thing, I don’t have a family of my own who will feel sorry for my demise.  I know how my siblings will feel but I accept the fact that it will not be so emotional and sentimental because they have family of their own which is their first concern.

Predictions will always come.  The end of the world will always threat the mankind.  False prophets will always come out and will always claim their prophecy.  But if we’ll come to think about it, the doomsday have been long time written to happen very soon in the holy book of Christendom and it’s still wait and see after more than 2,000 years.  I haven’t read yet other religion’s book about the doomsday so I would not know how they deal with it.  But it is said that if you have strong faith in God, then there will be nothing to be afraid to receive your death or even the doomsday.

I always feel that if you are ready, you can easily accept the end.  When I said I am ready, I am not claiming the strong faith and living the life as good Christian because I am sinner myself.  Instead, what makes me confident is the kind of honest and humble life that I am practicing.  I have strong belief that my interaction with my brothers and sisters are fair.  And topping it all, I keep my constant and direct communication with my God who only knows the end of everything.

By Alex V. Villamayor
December 31, 2012

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