Tuesday, January 01, 2013


For some of us, the just ended year may not good for us.  2012 may be unfair to us.  We may not able to accomplish our goals, problems were encountered, mistakes were committed, and failures have stood on us.  We may not even able to do our New Year’s resolution.  Fine, let’s move on.

Forget those not good experiences that we have dealt during the past year.  Good or bad, we are learning from our experiences, get the lesson out of them then use and live with it.  Regardless of what happened in the past year, leave them behind and go on to the next year.

If we have grudge, get rid of it and fill our heart with empathy.  Bitterness doesn’t help us to grow but instead it makes us subjective.  If we have guilty feelings, find the way to make up.  Guilt persecutes our conscience, makes our world hefty and complicated in a way.

If we know we did faults against someone or anybody, let us remorse, say our sorry and ask forgiveness.  It is good to feel we’re trying to be nice with everyone.  It’s nice to be friendly although we can’t please everybody but at least, we are not keeping wrongdoing in ourselves.

Free ourselves from burden of hatreds, insecurities, bitterness, rejections and envies that dwelled in us for twelve months or more.  Learn to memorize acceptance and forgiveness.  The importance from all of these is we are starting the year clean, pure, and ventilated.  We are making a fresh start that will lead us to run our whole year smoothly.

If it needs to go back to zero, we may so if that will make us better.  We can get started anew, make a fresh start in 2013.  After all, if we are a better person when we started our fundamentals, then most likely we will end up with a better outcome.

There is good in starting all over again.  Starting from the bottom allows us to appreciate every hard work, dedication and perseverance that we do.  It feels nice to look back your humble beginning from the top.

Today is the perfect time to start.  For those who want to embrace changes, the beginning of 2013 is the best given opportunity to rebuild ourselves.  For anyone, it is in this occasion we can feel the real and honest to goodness start in changing into better.

As we begin the year, let us start it right.  Be righteous person that will brave all challenges of the coming times and years.  Preserve the moment of unblemished starting point that can inspire us and will connect our presence with our principles.

For once I’ve been carrying heavy burden on myself.  Realizing what happening in me was all undesirable.  I was amidst of obscurity and heavy burden making any of my output and decision were not good, unattractive and negative.

It’s true, your action is reflection of what’s really inside in you.  I was breaking into pieces.  When time came I realized this, I knew I have to stand anew to get my feet back on the ground.  I just thought it’s time for cleaning up.

To start with, I freed all negatives in me like hates, envy, and self-pity by ignoring its basic.  I claimed the cleanness of conscience by forgiving those people that I think we’ve resentments for whatever issues we had.  We may have mistakes in one way or another but for me, I’d rather to rest my case.

Not long after, I was blessed to receive the peace of mind that gave me the feeling of contentment in whatever I do.  And from then, I found myself in gratefulness for I was able to move on, get over, and start anew.

Alex V. Villamayor
January 1, 2013

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