Wednesday, December 25, 2013


There are small things in our life that we did not pray but were given to us and we received from our Lord.  These are the things that we often missed to give thank or taken for granted that when we realized we’ll feel how lucky and blessed we are.  They are small things that we thought mundane but when put all altogether are bigger than what we thought.  For this we should be thankful.

I was so insensitive for overlooking these beautiful things that I thought nothing for they are intangible.  Sometimes they are not hidden at all but we did not perceive for we’re focused on particular.  Very true, we cannot see those things that are just under our nose.  All we need to do is just to open our eyes and see these blessings.

As year 2013 is about to complete its full cycle, it’s time for me to acknowledge those blessings from the Lord that I missed to appreciate.  First, I thank the Lord for making me so simple, for giving me the simplicity I need, that the desire of my heart is not that those of materialism. I am happy to have no appetite in latest devices, branded, imported, and signature items.  I am not obsessed to acquire them and amid of latest pace of life, for me there are no feelings of envies, insecurities, out of place, rejection, isolation, and the lack of sense of belonging without them.

My simplicity goes beyond the material things.  From the start, I never been so ambitious to hold position, interested in power and gain the popularity.  Being simple in choosing to live ordinary life gives me the comfort and hassles-free in life.  I always wanted to be a follower rather than the leader of the group for this I can break away from the possible dispute between the superior and subordinate.  Being into authority, you have to be tough and speaking something that may be offended to others is inevitable.  And I am not gifted in reasoning, persuading and mandating, for this I have to be thankful.

I thank the Lord for creating me incapable to learn many things.  For this I could able to live reticent, introvert, distant and coward.  The more I know, the more possible dispute encounters might I have.  Being uninformed and not full of myself set me from being judgmental, faultfinder, interfering, domineering and conceited, thus can humiliate and offend other people.  Unwitting personality and to live innocent amidst of this life’s chaos and noise bring us in our aspiration to live pious.  I’m not smart to suspecting everything and being sceptic, and speculative.  I rather want to be that way than to be perfectionist.

I am thankful for having enough.  God is really omniscient, he knows my needs.  Although I’m not having huge income but maybe this is just enough that I at least I can make ends meet.  Observing those near to me who are earning bigger pay than I am but then they are still needing more.  This makes a sense to the saying that all of us are just fair and square.  For this, I thank Lord for telling our limits, making my family contented, and just right in our needs today.

I would like to thank the Lord for giving me the ability to control, for having the strength to restrain.  It is in this ability that I cannot harm for at least.  Humility, compassion, and simplicity put me in control to speak no harm, to move no hurt, and to do no offense against others.

Lord, thank you for making me who I am, for giving me the character and personality that I am.  For this I was inspired to make difference and finished my study, to work hard and helped my family, and to live my life away from tempt.  If I were not the person I am now, I might be tough rather than kind-hearted and broadminded, aggressive rather than sensitive and sympathetic, self centered rather than responsible.  These are the blessings that I did not pray but I received and have to acknowledge Him.

By Alex V. Villamayor

December 25, 2013

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myangel168 /jessie said...

You deserve all those blessings.GOOD LUCK, Alex, you are going to 3,4 more of the journey to your own life. Stay as you are.