Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Do you believe in the monetary saying “easy money, easy go”?  In general, the money that acquired from none difficulty is most often than not spend easily and immediately in less important and unplanned things.  Easy money like inheritance, prize from winning lottery, and reward from generous friend who earned are often used for our own happiness to indulge our luxury and fun.  Since this money comes once in a blue moon only, the holder tends it to take for granted to feel the joy of having more money.  Most often than not, very rare these money was used wisely.

As such, dirty money like those get from cheating, swindling, stealing, prostituting, and gambling are just come and go.  Because it was not really the hard-earned fruit of labour with blood and sweat, these money were equally spent in luxury, extravagance, indulgence and nonessentials things.  Money acquired from cheating is momentary in our possession.  Since it was not earned in the hard way, chances are the importance of valuing the earned money is losing.  On the first place it was simply from a nonsensical source, not strived, and laboured that is why it is just naturally use in no frivolity things.  Instead of settling a credit due, bank loan or saving in an account, this money is meant to be for insignificant expenses.

When cheating the company or customer like a milking cow just to gain money, it doesn’t enrich the one who does it.  Note that you cannot stop this awful activity but repeatedly do it in fact your need to do this continues.  You cannot escape from scarcity, you’re not getting rich and you’re having successive expenses like unending bills, surprising medical and emergency problems, growing standard cost of living along your responsibilities.  The law of good and bad return works.  Although there might some infamous big-time personality who are strutting for long time like those in politics but soon to repay and suffer, might not witness with our naked eyes the fall back of karma deservingly but in after life.

Having this money makes the person fast, easy and confident in making expenditures.  There is no second thought for him if it is costly, often, and unnecessary because the person has always the way to get them again easily.  There is no regret, feeling of lost and concern on the wasting value because it is just money that can be earned again in his own way.  But this is not the point but rather the valuing of the earned money.

To maximizing the power and benefits of having money, it invites even indecent act such as paying happiness and influence just to ensure personal gain or getting what have wished for.  And the height of this, having excess with this kind of money is prone to commit petty crimes and faults.  Money is the root of all evil, it turned out to be the measurement of how strong can we do in this world where whoever has lots of money and powerful rules the world.  In our quest to get our ambitions, people have their own approach to make money, be it wrong or unjust.  Both deficiency and excess of it bring the weak to do wrong but we must put in our mind that it still better to live with no worries and burdens, that when you were asked if you’ve been faithful and honest employee, good elected official, and fair businessman you’ll sure be able to answer them standing tall.

By Alex V. Villamayor
June 18, 2014

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