Wednesday, August 20, 2014


The world is composed of billion people from different nations with different identities, characters, behaviour, interests, and stratagem.  We practically differ in so many things.  In a single issue, there will be multiple interpretation, understanding, reactions, and acceptance.  Whatever on each own working mind of these billion of people is very difficult to unite and alike.   That is why if world peace is the universal aspiration and hope that prayed for, though is really possible but it will be shoot for the moon as in there is a very slim chance for it to happen.  No matter how noble, great and hard we try, there will always political interventions, spiritual interest and social hindrances to oppose and consider.

From this big world narrowing it down to this specific location, here is come the place where the freedom of expression is enjoying by everyone – the democratic Philippines.  The vibrant democracy that gives life in everyday news that raises agreeable or disagreeable remarks, flooding unsolicited opinions and storm with different violent reactions from the free citizens.  We’ve been waken up every morning by issues, events and news headlining the broadsheets, radio and television.  And for every news bursts in our eyes and yields to our ears, it has of course to expect different reactions, opinion and respective comments.  There are the pros and there the cons, you don’t know any longer if people are just naturally petulant, no contentment and unappeasable.  You cannot really pleased everybody.  There are always oppositions – sceptic, charlatans, leftist, non-believers or just merely antagonism, you can never fade them away.  But sometimes, you will not know what these oppositions want.  You will notice that from the old times of the decades, these are the same people, same face and same militant group marching on the street, shouting their stand, calling for the changes.  Seems anything the government does and whoever sits on the post, they are ready just to oppose be it good or bad.

When it is said the country is improving, the opposition will oppose of course and will ask strong proof.  The day-time track ban, colours and numbers coding schemes were implemented to address the worsening traffic, various group will contradict.  The lawmakers and concerned citizens are pushing the death penalty to suppress the scorching height of heinous crime, the Catholic Church and human rights advocates will block the act.  When the reproductive health was amended to control the mounting population, unwanted pregnancy and abortion, here comes the anti-bill and pro-life file restraining order.  When the cybercrime law was ratified to combat cyber scam, online libel, and bullying, here are the defenders of freedom of speech to protest the anti-democracy bill.  To address the call for uplifting the quality of education, many have protested to stop K-12 program.  When a personality is seen on television and tabloids doing his job, people will say it is publicity and grandstanding.  But if he’s not seen in the scene, he will be accused of neglecting his work and responsibilities.  We want to jail the accused person but if collared, they will say it took long time to capture.  We want changes but some are against.  Even the recognized strongly and accurately written articles, laws and bylaws are when served and mentioned, the cunning antagonist will persistently find the lapses and loop wholes just to oppose if the disapproving situation is taking places in their hands.

Too contradicting and too many hindrances, things are too complicated.  It’s tropical hits tropical scenario, we cannot really move forward from this situation of against both hot and cold if this will always be the case.  Presumably, it’s not all that I may favour some or some may not from all of these mentioned contradicting statements.  But then the thing is, it just shows that people are generally have really no satisfaction and contentment.  In a nutshell, opposing every single thing will put us behind.  It should be a two-way street of give and take for a smooth-sailing endeavour to put it in equation.  For check and balancing, it is good and healthy to have oppositions to prevent the compliant all the times.  But if it is surmounting outs and excessive criticism, it doesn't makes good any longer.  It becomes deterrence, interruption, obstruction and hindrance in the advancement of plans and programs, and then it is becoming redundantly unbearable.

By Alex V. Villamayor
August 19, 2014

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