Saturday, February 28, 2015


When people have met together in one place like market, streets, bus stops, public utility vehicles, parks and even in a small group gathering like parties and casual talk; one of the most common unpopular things that prompting one and another is the discomfort about person smoking while in the crowd.  Time and again, there is an outstanding argument between the smokers and non-smokers of to smoke or not to smoke in shared places.  While the former complaints their missing personal freedom, the later however rightfully claim their violated freedom too.

Smoking is fixation, quitting it is tough thing to do that no one will call chain smoker if it’s easy.   It has to understand people into it are helplessly needed to smoke.  But it has to remember that smoking is a vice and unhealthy bad habit that should not to be shown in public.  Justifying that people are spending their own money to smoke the cigarettes and prohibiting to smoke is depriving their freedom, it has to say that spending is a choice and it is not they were prohibited to smoke but it is the place to smoke were prohibited.

When claiming the oppressed freedom, the rights of every person are put in question.  If it is said it’s striping-off your right, how about the others who are harmed of this right you are claiming?  Smoking is anybody’s prerogative.  Call it theirs privilege, everybody is entitled and has right to do what will make them happy and contented as long as we are not interfering, interrupting and disturbing.  They can smoke as much as they want, but this world is for everyone.  On the other hand are people who are not into smoking and they too have right to have smoke-free air.

People are different; everyone has its own prerogative.  Everybody wants to be free, everyone is entitled to claim their freedom but it has to understand too that enclosing to this freedom of expression is the corresponding responsibilities.  Not because of this overused freedom you are free to do what you want, you have to remember your responsibility to your neighbors.  You can smoke anytime, it’s fine go ahead but do not implicate those without interest to smoke.  The emitted smoke that taints the air is the same air inhaled by other person, here comes the secondhand smoking which is riskier.

Cigarette smoke like smokes from those vehicles and factories is irritating to our sense of smell and sight.  If you are jeopardizing the fate of others then it is not rightfully to excuse your freedom.  We are after the welfare and the circumstances of everyone be it smokers or not that is why there are designated proper places designed exclusively for smoking.  Because it cannot break this addiction, the least the world can offer is to set the right place to smoke.

Apparently I am not on the side of smokers. But without being nasty, I would say there is always proper places and time for everything and anything.  Let us acknowledge the respect.  Treat each one with due respect and we will receive the same deserved respect from what we did.  We are breathing and sharing the same air, it is unfair for those who protect it to breath the same air impure by the unconcerned others.

By Alex V. Villamayor
February 28, 2015

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