Thursday, February 19, 2015


The world is so big for billion of people dwelling in different places and we’re just one of those.  From our standpoint where we actually live-in, we are just a small black dot in a wide-ranging large space.  Yet we still have issues with the few people around us, how much more then the issues of the whole mankind on this planet?  Too many different people from different walk of life have their rules in different ways and they’re difficult to concord and unite. Feminist, chauvinists, racists will not bow to whom they’re referred to.  The fundamentalist, leftist and the oppositions do not reconcile with the incumbent.  And the well-off will find it hard to come together with the poor and vice versa.  We have only two options, it’s either we leave them or join them.

You have your circle of friends be it good or bad, love it or hate it.  In a circle of friends where you are rubbing elbow with them, differences may still occur among the group for people are different and no two individuals are alike.  If you are the most different among the group, for instance if there is a person who has a higher intellectual, more sophisticated and rare emotional level among the group, if it’ll no big deal as widely accepted big deal then he must adjust himself with the majority.  People may not get his thought for we have our own mindset of comprehension and appreciation.  Sometimes, we cannot just embrace the concept of being cooperative just to be in the company or just to appear ourselves smart, simply because of the dissimilarity on the level of our stimulation to the subject.  Never impose your group to follow you, never expect your group to understand you.

In reality, there is invisible separating line between people.  The world is generally for mass or the ordinary people and they own the mainstream of the populace.  Those belong to the upper class are special.  Few are those unordinary such as aristocrats, glitterati, and the geniuses that is why they’re special for they’re not ordinary.  Definitely they have different lifestyle, interest and points of view but since it is generally the world of ordinary people, those not will feel different, outcast and bored.  Their interests might too high, rare or beyond the curiosity of the general public that doesn't arouse or fit to their interest.  It happened that most of populace cannot adopt or relate their kind not because for anything else but precisely because of their different interest.

The sense of belonging plays major connection in our human relationships and interaction.  Exerting efforts to be in the loop of your group to save it is so noble.  But it is still perfect to live with no pretense, do not change yourself just for the sake of cooperation if it will cause you of unrecognizing yourself.  If you found you cannot cope up with the majority of the group after unsuccessful attempt, walking out is perfectly fine.  Leaving out might a blessing in disguise, you rather look the silver lining than sour raping.  Do not feel it’s a lost but a helpful part of your past.  There are just people who were misunderstood, misinterpreted, and unappreciated because of their natural distinction but they are not wrong.  Nothing is wrong, just happened they are few and outnumbered among the large number of civilization.

By Alex V. Villamayor
February 20, 2015

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