Monday, December 28, 2015


It is said that healthy foods are usually not tasty and not approved in the taste buds of many.  There are of course will stand and deny this.  The health buff will totally disagree in defense to say their foods are actually delicious.  But in most food-lover people, there is something missing on the taste when eating healthy foods.  There is this mechanism in our body that every time we take tasty food, our brain says it is well done and we enjoyed it.  This could be the result of our accustomed fascination when our mother and father pampered us when we were children by giving the comfort foods we love, be it sweet, salty or fatty.  This is their way to make us happy, to comfort us, impress us and love us.  So as children, we were accustomed to love the taste of sweet and fats that whether we admit it or not, are so attractive to the children and we have too much of them in the form of processed foods.  We know how appetizing, yummy and appealing the foods in fine restaurants are, but not the healthy foods that we cook in our own kitchen.  This is because these eateries, cafeterias, fine dining restaurant, brasseries and bistros, catering and etcetera are using more ingredients as spices which is made up of artificial preservatives and as we know any artificial is not healthy.  This gives us the assumption that tasty foods available in the market are not healthy and healthy foods prepared in our kitchenette without flavoring and seasoning are not tasty.  Okay, it is not all since there are few special restaurants serving real yummy healthy dishes.  But for the sake of argument, there are really more eateries that go with the flow where the customers are.  It is business as usual, if they are using these additives is because it is for business’ sake of course.

If you love to eat delicious foods, if you are looking the usual taste foods served in commercialized eateries, fancy, cozy and fine dining restaurants, or if you simply enjoy food tripping, then it will be difficult to appreciate my cooking and most likely you will never like my food serves.   I am not a big fan of meat which is contrary to many that is why I have an insipid cooking.  We know chicken breast is less tasty than chicken thigh, liver and other red meat. While chicken soup is vapid if without chicken cube and seasoning, and vegan menu seasoned by dried fish is not tastier if not seasoned by meat.  These are my dishes, cooked without using meat and spices which makes far from expected taste of foods in restaurants, catering, and etcetera.   These restaurants have the expertise to make the foods perfectly fit in the taste buds of the majority.  And let’s face it, majority of the food consumers are not health conscious.  As long as they find the taste is pretty good, they will patronize it because people by nature love to eat.  And these eating places serve the traditional menu recipe’ that make the dish yummy and fantastic in the universal taste buds.   If you are the avid customer of fast food stores, buffet and smorgasbord restaurant, pizza parlor, etc., you will really not appreciate healthy foods.  Unless it is in the restaurant that offering healthy foods is their specialty, most restaurants are offering foods that are on the category of unhealthy foods.  They need to cook the foods in various ways, ingredients and seasoning.  The more ingredients to mix the tastier and this is actually one of the reasons why healthy foods are not well patronized – boring taste, aside from the cost.  Knowing our nature as human, we always want the pleasant and the best.

The foods that are not good to our health seem to have the greatest appeal to the taste buds.  Let’s leave it with the children, as an adult we know what is good for us are those called not tasty that most of us are not interested to eat.  But this will not be difficult if we are actually used of it.  Yes it is if your perception of taste bud is adapted in the sense of taste skewed by the modern food industry.  But if you are already into healthy foods, without second thought you will not like the frankfurter, French fries, instant foods, hamburgers, processed foods which contain high level of sugar, salt and chemical flavoring.  You will not cook using additives, you will limit frying your foods.  Maybe you will not crave for pastries, food trip in famous fast food stores and fine dining restaurants.  In summary, all these things are just a matter of our choice and taste.  Because our biased perception about healthy food that it is often not tasty could be due to poor taste – it could be on the part of the chef.  And those that are good for us ma not taste bad at all but they are just don’t have anything that would call enticing.  It is a matter of taste perception dictated by the giant food conglomerate.

By Alex V. Villamayor
December 28, 2015

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