Wednesday, April 06, 2016


One of the most sought places long pending in my bucket list is to visit my country’s southern part, second largest major island, and called the Land of Promise, Mindanao.  And prioritizing to see one of its pride is making sure to check first the largest land and the diplomatic place of Davao City.  Since going to Mindanao is “hitting the moon” because of its “intimidating reputation”, when I had I took the chance to visit it’s must to see place – the cool Samal Island or locally known as Island Garden.  The island is popularly known for its scenic beaches, situated immediately off the city’s coast in Davao Gulf.
When in Samal Island, feel the true meaning of relaxation when you see the panoramic view of the blue sea and white sand blending together under the glaring sunlight, gentle sounds of wave along the coast and soft breeze blowing to your whole body.  I was lucky to randomly choose the calm, relaxing and paradise-like resort nestling at the south-easternmost part of Samal Island, it may just quite far but when you get the place, it really defines the true meaning of peaceful, serenity and calmness.  I had a very nice food experience, good water wading and most importantly I really felt relaxed – credit that to the greeneries.  Practically, it is a very nice forest covered by those luscious green trees and it cools down the air amidst the heat of summer.

As the largest land in the country, there are so much to do in Davao ranging from tropical island to bustling mega city that a week or two of stay is not enough to discover and experience the Davao escapade’.  Home to the highest mountain in the Philippines, never missed to see Mount Apo – shelters many endemic species of birds and of course the critically endangered one of the world’s considered largest eagles, the majestic Philippines Eagle.  Mindanao is rich in flora and fauna, so as Davao.  Indeed it is a garden that boasts the most priced Philippines’ orchids and the known distinctive and exotic fruit, Durian, earning it the moniker “Durian Capital” of the country.  Mangosteen and pomeloes are also abundantly grown in the island. 
From tranquil beaches and mountainous terrain to constantly peaceful city, the great city is reflection of lovable and friendly giant.  It will not claim the reputation as one of the safe cities in the country for nothing.  I witnessed how discipline and diplomatic Davao is.  During our daytime trip, I find the place is neat and orderly, and I saw the imperturbable people both locals and tourists feeling comfortable without worries walking around in the sidewalks and main roads.   Although I wanted to experience the so called “no-fear” roaming around at night till late but for some reason I missed it.  But overall, my experience in Davao is indisputably unforgettable because of scenic spots and order of the place that the entire family loved.

My stay in Davao is actually very short to visit the array of magnificent and vaunted places.  When planning to visit the place, experience the trekking, mountain climbing, swimming, diving, snorkelling, island hoping, shopping and learn its culture and history.  Make sure to visit the Philippines Eagle Centre, Mount Apo, Crocodile Park, Eden Nature Park, People’s Park, Malagos Garden Resort, Monfort Bat Cave, Jack’s Ridge, Lonwa Buddhist Temple, museums and churches, and definitely the Samal Island.

How to get to Samal Island: if you are using Manila as your starting point, take a domestic flight from Manila Airport to Davao City. From Davao International Airport. a taxi can bring you to any of the two entry points.

Go to Sta. Ana wharf, ride a ferry going to the wharf near in Kaputian Beach.

Or go to Sasa wharf and ride a RoRo wich will dock you at Babak wharf.  Those who travel by bus can go via the RoRo and dock the same in Babak wharf.

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