Saturday, April 16, 2016


One day we will all retire.  On that day if my morality will ask me if I’d been a good employee, I will reply “yes”.  I may not be the excellent or the boss’s favourite employee but I am sure I’ve really worked hard my job, fairly earned every single cent on my pay and I know I dealt with colleague well.

No praising of own self or not being over self-confident but yes, I believe I’m a good employee.  I know myself well.  I am not a lousy and lazy worker that provides sub-standard output.  If that is the case, I’d been long kicked out.  Really a hard worker, I work more than the set eight hours a day not because sluggish but overloaded of handful job and multi-tasking, by starting as early as before the opening of business hour and taking some minutes of my lunch time, and not charging them to overtime.  (Of why not filing it overtime is another story).

I am not cheating my employer.  I do not collect any payment for I did not work, charging excess time for nothing and playing the hours of my timekeeping.  For me when it is work means it is really work.  I am not used to leave my post to enjoy a short personal errand or inserting truancy during work.  I hate leaving my work for my own bank transaction and medical appointment that if not for a real emergency or no choice, I do not set an appointment during office hours.  Now, if I have secondary job, I will not use my office hours as courtesy and respect to my employer.

I care about the company.  Just like doing how I care my own home.  And as my own petty way of waving over the best interest of the company, to cite some I am not printing if really not needed, using recycled papers, avoiding coloured ink print and using my own reusable cup for my needed drinks – thanks to being pro-environment.  I am not using the company resources for personal need or using my position to steal the company for my gain like ordering something that is not for company use but for personal requirement.  I am concern on the cost just like how I’m concerned on my own expense.  I am not putting myself in a position for the company to pumper me by providing excessive aid and redundant machinery and equipment just to be able to work productively.

I know that it is extremely impossible and rarely to happen but for me, no employee’s honesty is faultless and virtuous.  In one or some point of our career, there is an instance we took small thing to possess it.  It can be a pen, piece of paper, or maybe an excess or unused clip but no matter how small they were and no matter how seldom they happened, nevertheless it is taking company’s properties.  I’m no exemption to that.  Before, I’d been a bit careless employee during my unfulfilling career years but I did not use it to do grave behaviour that to others can be ordinary and petite such as punctuality, truancy and office decorum.  Am I a good employee then?  I will still say “yes, I’m still a good employee” and what made me said that is the overriding of my concern, responsibilities and respect to my employer over my weaknesses.  (If how concern, responsibilities and respect differ, that is another story).

The sad thing here is that these good behaviours do not account to merit those too quiet and inexpressive of their doings employees like me.  It is not lifting my own chair but I know how I work both the quality and the attitude.  And it is not demanding a corresponding reward but the sad thing here is that I do not feel what I am doing were seen, liked and appreciated.  But nevertheless I’ll go on because what I wanted most anyway is to work fair and square that I will not regret sooner or later.

By Alex V. Villamayor
April 16, 2016

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