Monday, July 25, 2016


In a relationship, to trust your partner who is prone to temps would mean you need a strong lean to hold your beliefs.  Because only few good men nowadays who are not just comely but faithful too.  Rob is one of those few good men.  There is no doubt his is a man blessed with what other men less in physical attributes but should you ask him about this he’ll just shrug his shoulder off to imply that it’s something he doesn’t feel relevant.  Unquestionably, these are the obvious features that make Rob attractive since his childhood which made him quite popular among his peers.  And the way it went around, Rob knew a lot were secretly admiring him maybe physically or even emotionally.  This might be the way and reason, and although for him it was not that much but he had into several serious relationships until he married his wife.  And although his strong pleasing personality at his prime at early 30’s that even stirred up with his matured physique makes waves but the nice thing about Rob is he doesn’t take it opportunity and he stayed a faithful partner.  Some men may desire to take over his shoe to please their carnal need as men are generally polygamous in nature but for Rob it is not the looks that make him happy and contented but what makes him to abstain this man’s nature is the sense of responsibilities to his wife and children.

For men and women, nothing can beat and is more amazing than those who are not only attractive but ideally good too.  Some people are just good looking, others are good character only but if you enjoy the both world, you are blessed among many to be beautiful inside and outside.  And you proved that a good heart radiates from within to become both internal and external beautiful.  There are gorgeous, adorable, attractive and beautiful faces people out there but do personality check you will dismay to realize the evil behind these faces.  And the pain part here is there are already not even blessed in physical attributes and yet can display attitude problem.  It hurts to be told how hideous the outside is as hideous as in the inside.  But either in any ways, it will not be big deal if only we do not depend our opinion to external looks.  Let us be reminded not to be too obsessed in pleasing external appearance for it is a reflection of worldliness and prejudice.  It is not important to be bias in outside beauty but character is far more meaningful than the stereotype pleasing personality.  Sometimes we get green when we see presentable pleasing people and drive us to win them.  Be contented.  On the first place, the fact that you married your partner means you already found in him or her good traits, qualities, virtues, specialties and distinctions.  We have our own ways of good attributes, defining it is in the eyes of the beholder.   Be faithful partner for all these admiration and yearning to personality are just merely call of human carnal desires only.

In these times, it is extremely difficult to find a one-woman man who repudiate the happy life outside marriage but instead focused more on homemaking.  Lucky those wives who have not just found this man but still loyal.  But even luckier those wives who are aside from having able to get a comely husband who remained honest amidst of the prowling around tempts because only a few good men who have that good personality both inside and outside.  You can be Rob look alike, be like Rob.  Look at Rob, if he who got the ace to use in entertaining affairs outside marriage but he did not use it.   No, he is not trying to be gentleman but it is just his commitment, sincerity and loyalty to his vow amidst of ubiquitous temptation surrounding him are what make him even admirable and respectable.   It is just regretting and saddening to accept why then all men and women can’t be like this?  Why then most men cannot be both whereas it can be actually?  I’ve been opposing the idea of labelling men as weaker sex and born polygamous because it is not.  In reality, they are merely using these as excuses to correct their fault as natural, acceptable and right thing.  Both men and women feel the same, it is just a matter of determination, self-motivation, discipline and choice.  People always have the freewill but not all are courageous, good enough and ready to take the full responsibilities, consequences and the karma of their deeds.

By Alex V. Villamayor
July 25, 2016

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