Thursday, April 01, 2010


What will you do if you suspect your spouse is having extra-marital affair?

Unless there are obvious signs of concubinage or adultery and you are deeply affected, then you have to talk your partner and discuss what your issues are. Otherwise, keep silent and focus yourself to develop your relationship. Rather than stressing your mind in thinking rumors, hearsay and doubts, take it as the perfect time to analyze yourself and have improvement.

Bringing it out of the sack might trigger arguments and cause disappointment. If your partner is really having affair with other, this will just give him/her idea to be extra careful and may totally unable you to discover what you need to know. His/her moves will not become normal and usual which will persuade you into the wrong information. Let him/her remain clueless of your suspicion so that if he/she really does, you can catch the big fish out of their own mouth.

Remember, you are just suspecting. There is no certain yet about his affair. Revealing your suspicion like accusation will not help you but will just make you the loser.

What will you do if you fell in love in two?

No two persons are alike. If you are saying you equally love two persons – that is not true. Although you feel your warm affection to both of them, but still one of them weights more in your heart. You can’t love two persons at the same time. You will love the other and the other will suffer. You may love the second and the first may suffer.

Take time-out, sit down and make reflection. Look at their strengths and weaknesses. List them down and count their points. Then make decision: what really do you want? - the heavier in characters or maybe you like the less?

Marriage is not an even and straight road to take, it can be a long and winding one. Every day is a continuous learning process of knowing each other. Your day to day life is unending discovery of your compatibility, differences, strengths, weaknesses, characters, and plan. There is no really such thing as expert, it’s just a skill of handling your issue.

Alex V. Villamayor
April 201

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