Friday, April 23, 2010


In a job interview that I underwent when I was trying to get my second employment as a good career move, I was asked to define success according to myself. In a very composed, casual and confident reply, I defined success as happiness. “Success lies in the happiness of an individual. As long as you are happy, you are successful. It really depends on the person. It is not about the wealth, position and popularity you earned to call you successful. Although you are not rich but you are happy, then you are successful. For me, that is the meaning of success”.

The woman conducting the interview smiled at me and nodded her head. It was only about the early question but I was at least confident on that time and the succeeding questions seemed to be an opinion sharing. It wasn't because of the question about success, there are more questions followed that I answered. But the question about success left a remarkable memory in my mind, and maybe in the whole session of the interview. And it worked for me, after about a couple of week I was called to report in one of the top and best bank in my country.

It doesn’t really follow if you have received various awards, citations, and recognitions in your chosen field. If behind these achievements you know you are not satisfied, you are not happy and definitely you’re not really successful. Contentment and peace of mind are the main core of success, in here is where the happiness comes. If you can sleep at night without guilt of harming your brothers and insufficiently serving your faith, family and friends, if you can close your eyes without fear of dying while at sleep, if you are not bothered of these, then you will wake up in the next morning with full of happiness in your eyes - you are already successful.

We continue to search the happiness rather than the success. We can not criticize and judge those people who would rather prefer poverty and hunger as long as their family is whole and happy because love is making them successful. What is wealth and materials possession if you are not happy? We have our own definition of success. It really depends on the person. It depends on their needs and requirements. As long as you fairly accomplished whatever you really want that makes you happy and contented – this is the meaning of success.

Alex V. Villamayor
April 2010

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