Friday, April 09, 2010


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In these days, it is not easy to find true friend that you can really rely, depend, lean and count on. You are with what you call friend today, or have friend who has just away for quite some times now, but either way has  no assurance until when you'll be friend.

The people surround you today may be you at all times.  They are with you when you are walking, attending parties, go shopping and dining, etcetera. The friend you have now supports you, always there behind and at your side. But when time you need to set apart, either momentarily or for good, that’s the time you’ll know what your true relationship is.  Friendship may die when you take your each way independently. The sweetness, the kindness, the respect – all can be gone.  Well some friends are just too good while you are in reach, while you are together.  They are not true friends.

Some friend can remember to get in touch with you if they want something.  If he needs your suggestion, advice and your presence – he will be there for you. He can be visible and become sweet and thoughtful. He can call you if he has question that bothers him so much no matter how far is he.  While others can remember you when they need to borrow something from you. However, when time you cannot give answer, advice or anything to these friends – they’ll slowly disappear. These people are just taking advantage you and they are not your friends.

These people are not true friends.  We can call these people “user friendly”.  They are opportunists that will just squeeze you to get what you have, extract your resource for their benefits, and take advantage of you.  They do not really need you as the physical person you are but only the valuable personality you have.  Friendship is a two-way, give and take, and fair and square relationship.

Many people will come and many will go, some will stay with you but only few will be your friend. If you have friends now, take care of them. Be open to each other. Be honest and true. Show your anger, happiness, your true color – this is the way he will know you, accept you and treasure you. Value your friendship by keeping the respect to each other.

Either your presence will be temporary only or not, make the best of your time to have your friendship worth to keep.  When time sayas you need to go, keep your connection open.  Because you will never know if time will come that you'll need each other again.

I’ve been met and known friends several times but unfortunately only a few has the right to be called friend. It is hard to find true friend in these days.  Do not take for granted your friends because once true friends gone – you've lost. Friendship is not measured in length of relationship and rate of seeing each other. It is measured in their give and take during their better days and forgiving and forgetting in their dark moments.

Alex Villamayor
January 2008

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