Monday, May 10, 2010


(The following opinion attests that working in a multi-million company is not guarantee to achieve the work satisfaction.  Human's emotion and rational are the focal points of your norm in getting your happiness in work)

Having the chance to work in a world’s top company is really a good opportunity for every brain drain employee who is aiming for a greener pastures. When I had the chance to become direct hired employee of this company, I had mixed reaction before I’ve learned it. I’m thankful because all of a sudden it will be given to me without exerting effort and taking hard time in applying for it, I did not even plan and asked for it. I am glad because it will be an additional credential to my work experience and acquiring new knowledge since as direct employee means accessing to more important works. And lastly, although it is not the basic salary but the benefits and prestige being given to a direct hired employee is truly pleasurable.

However, I am not really strongly interested on the other hand because first, I don’t like my work. I am in fact not comfortable in my job that I may say not my work. I am not good in what I call “housekeeping and homemaker-like” type of works such as preparing and giving the needs of everyone, cleaning their mess, welcoming the visitors, baby-sitting and pampering the boss. Secondly, I am not keen to pursue it because I don’t like to work with those spoon-feeding colleagues who cannot work alone. I want to work independently and focus on my responsibilities. I don’t like unnecessary trivial and petty disturbances from those who may just need mundane and simple errand works that insignificantly disturbing.

I can work a continuous daily long eight hours with huge bundle of paper for correction, re-typing or reviewing but redundant interruptions by others who may need my assistance anytime at their convenience is really disappointing for me. I can work with a group but working with informally two or more boss is complicated. Once or twice interruptions are okay but more than that is seemingly a habitual intention, taking-advantage and disturbance which are not right.

Employing even to one of the world's biggest companies is not guarantee to ensure work satisfaction.  Fulfillment in work doesn't only include the remuneration and position but also the working environment - the nature of business and the colleagues. Happiness and satisfaction in your work is important in order for you to give the 100% of your performance and productivity.  If you are happy in your work, it will come out and will reflect in your productivity.  It may not the entity itself but the personal requirements prompt to achieve work satisfaction.

Alex V. Villamayor
May 10, 2010

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