Thursday, May 13, 2010


In different incidents that have to bear out my belief, I’d proven the fact that God still loves me. I have experienced more than twice over occurrences that I unbelievably almost died - the near-death dream. I used to sleep in-between times at noon when I was working in a bank abroad. While sleeping, I felt the need to wake up as my usual daily routine every 2:30 pm.  But when I was about to get up, I felt that I cannot move myself.  I observed myself at first since that was not the first time it happened to me. But when I attempted to move again, I’d realized I can't really make any movement.... even just at once. And I'd felt then that my eyelids were pulling me to close my eyes... telling me to go on sleep.  And they made me to feel like I am laying in a cradle.

I saw myself dreaming. I can see myself laying in my own bed, wearing the clothes I had then, sleeping at my side position and dreaming, though I was certain on myself that I was conscious then. Although my eyes were nearly closed but looking down to the direction while I was on my back, which where I can see my feet, was the window. It was gray what I can see as my heavy-eyes were really pulling me to nap. I can even hear some noise from people outside my room yet I cannot audibly understand. I tried to shout to get the attention of the people but it seemed I could not even open my lips. I tried to scream to alarm everybody out there what was happening to me inside my room but I know there was no sound that my lips can utter.  Although on my mind I can hear myself yelling so loud. I've knew it, I was having bad dream. People said, the person have just to move at least one of his fingers and the person would be able to wake up but it had no use to me. My eyes were telling me to close them and go on sleep though my mind opposed it and I felt I will lose the fight.

Just in time I was losing hope, I’ve remembered one thing that I almost forgot - I need to say my prayer. I stopped my struggle to wake up and instead I sincerely prayed. I said to God that I am now giving myself and lifting everything up to Him. But I still prayed that if I will die, I asked God to not do it at that time. One sincere prayer.... I asked Him that I need to wake up.  And my eyes have opened... and I saw the bright and clear surroundings. And when I was able to move my head to other side, that was the time I’d realized I was completely awaken.  And I've gotten up from my soft indigo bed where I almost die.

I dreamed - and almost real, it was a dream that almost like real. For a moment I was still bothered after I've woke up and I can still feel the emotion I had in battling the bad dream. But then I felt the real joy and big thanks to a little prayer that saved my life. The power of prayer worked for me and too, I have proven that God still loves me unconditionally in spite of disappointing Him repeatedly.

There are times in our life's struggles that we lose our hope when despite everything we did - nothing happens. When everybody turned their back, when we feel no one will help us, when everything seems to be not alright – remember that there is still one up there who will lift you up. Just one sincere prayer and your burden will be light, you’ll be saved. It is just saddening to realize that we only remember to pray when we are in times of need, trouble and danger.

Alex V. Villamayor
May 2010

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