Tuesday, May 04, 2010


(One week before the deciding day)

In a nation that what confronting the leadership are the unstable economic condition, growing range of poverty, unrelenting graft and corruption, interminable political crisis, elusive peace and order which aggravates by leftist groups and terrorist acts. There are the irrepressible population explosion, sudden destruction of environment, insufficient educational and medical service. The unemployment rate goes up resulting to inevitable poverty while the unaffordable price of commodities is soaring high. While unemployment and under employment caused poverty, consequently drug pushing, prostitution, slavery and other crimes will follow.

If I were the President of the Philippines, poverty and peace and order will be the first and foremost in my platforms. Poverty is the main cause of different problems that wraps the whole country. From simple petty-crime such as stealing and snatching, poverty encourages the people to commit major crimes such as bank robbery, plunder and murder. It is poverty why people are forced to engage in drug pushing, prostitution, and slavery. It is poverty why people who need proper medical attention can not go to public hospitals. It is poverty why there are out of school youth and there’s unjust child labor that stripping them from their rights. Poverty is the reason of bribery, red tape, and graft and corruption not only in the government office but also in private firms.

To eradicate poverty is to generate more decent jobs that will not only sustain the unemployment but will also disown graft and corruption, eventually will foster the peace and order. In this way it will attract the foreign investors to invest in our country empowering the labor force of our local employment. Giving the people with decent job will satisfy them to live with their job with dignity. They will begin to shun the illegal transactions since they earn to live a decent standard of living. Having decent pay will control the continuous price hike on our basic commodities and services. There will be no hesitation for everyone to go to hospital and receive medical aid so that everyone can continue work for their family, children and themselves. Every family will have healthy foods on the table for their children who will be sent to schools to become the future brighter citizens of a smart country. And so the unlikable child labor will die out.

Putting poverty into rest will make our country an ideal place to live in. Combating this dearth will reinstate the trust of general public thus supports will be earned. If we’ll start from here, I guess the rest will follow. Maybe it seems so simple and senseless but I’m hopeful many will have the same opinion with me. People in general just want to live decently. People just want to get out from the quick sand of scarcity, rise from insufficiency and stand together with family, brothers and sisters. Someday, I dream our country is standing strong above other nations, providing the prosperity and abundance to its people, and appreciating the heritage of a President who restored the resources and saved the country from disturbing poverty.

Alex V. Villamayor
May 3, 2010

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