Thursday, August 12, 2010


This poem was written for Pea Magno, a former colleague who became closed to me because of her word of wisdoms that she had always shared to me.

I never expected we will get to be closer.
Never thought I’ll tell some problems neither.
But you’re true to yourself to lend me your ear
to make me feel at ease and release my fear.

We’ve got to know ourselves in some way or another.
Perhaps not that much but at least we know our matter.
You may read me or you may not know me any better.
Indeed what matter most is we do not hurt each other.

Never stop to hear those who need you to be listened.
You’re advices are motivation that will help them enlighten.
I know for sometimes you are just taken for granted
when they took the left hand after the right was taken.

If I could have Genie so my wishes will be granted,
I’ll wish you the love you deserved and ever wanted.
If one day we’ll going to cross our ways leading to end,
will you going to sing my song from intro to ending?

Pasig City
October 5, 1998.  10:14 PM

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