Thursday, August 12, 2010


This poem is for my friend Hazel Ching, a former colleague.

In a fatal place of sea girt
The hale gust tried get me hurt
Abandoned in a dark and cramped space
Alone myself is a picture of helpless
It was me against all in this universe
I was condemned without due process

In a world such as this we live
I’m just a woman in a cardinal belief
So I made myself free from this cage
And I stood up right on my chair
Lighted up my candle’s embedded wick
To evade the foes from hidden to seek

I have all done extremely well
I have surmounted the conceivable hurdle
I am no longer condign to have the fiasco
I am indeed undaunted to handle them all

Privations will always here to stay
As in predicaments may come any day
I maybe in gloom to contend my realm
Because I am a woman – yes a woman
I’m but a woman of transcendent human

Pasig City
September 29, 1998.  4:45 PM

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