Thursday, August 12, 2010


This poem was written for Mel Catalini, a former colleague who had seen some of my very personal ups and downs and with ready piece of advices.

At times I’ve taken for granted to see the real friends,
Maybe I am helplessly seeing without starring them.
You’ve seen me bothered unreasonably, I’m paranoid
You are right, I’m speaking but no words had heard.

I cried myself out right before your unwavering sight.
Without doubt you had have seen me in lowest height.
I maybe in my awkward situation that I should hide,
Yet I merely smiled with no fear how much I’ve hurt.

I could not have been better now if not for those acts.
And I wouldn’t do those things if not with a confidant.
As a matter of fact I am now telling you this from my heart,
You are not just a colleague but a nice friend from the start.

One of the most trusted persons I have ever known
has showed the true meaning of trust and admiration.
And for this I have to give my full praise and thanks
to a confidant who is fair to critic my weaknesses.

If I have faults and deficiencies for now and next days,
Fill it up with your unfathomable dept of understanding.

Pasig City
October 6, 1998. 12:34 PM

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