Wednesday, January 12, 2011


(Inspired by song of Bryan Adams)
When you are alone, have you figured it out in your mind the picture of you and your other half are living alone in the home without your grown up children? That is the time when your own children are building their home and raising their own family. And on that time, most likely you will come thinking how you and your spouse have started, how your story had begun since the very first day you have met each other.

Maybe your better half is your childhood friend, a former classmate or an ordinary friend. For long you may have known each other all the while when you’d learned to love. It could be a casual friend like a brother and sister or the best of friend where you’ve shared secrets. Until you realized you two will be destined by fate. That is the reminiscence of that past the you always want to think of.

Love is colorful during the younger years, – for you always thought the world is only between the two of you. Young, free, strong and aggressive – you were that before. Though it has been passed for many years now, yet it’s still nice to have those times playing in your mind and you can’t help bringing those times to keep on coming back.

Now, looking at her tonight while she is resting in your arms, when you are closely staring at her face – you may probably say time has changed her beauty but for you she is still the same girl you loved for so many years passed. She might just does not know but sometimes when you are looking at her while on sleep – you are crying because you have found on her the heaven in earth.

For so long, you have been waiting a love to come and own. You have met and acquainted a lot and may have ended-up in a place just for you and shared the love, you may have had some short-live relationships with them while trying to find the real one. But sometimes it comes along in our way that someone will come in our life to make us change. That someone is bound to meet us to help us when we are down and troubled. Now that you had found her, you had whispered to yourself that she’s what you have looking and you will not find anyone else anymore.

She is there for you, since then till now – she’s really with you. Despite all of your shortcomings and mistakes she is still standing at your side, she never left you. Now you are crying, you are teary-eye because you can’t afford to lose her. And you are overwhelmed because to be with her for the rest of your life is heaven to think about.

Today, if you are already in the picture of living alone with your wife or husband away from the grown-up children, or maybe you are in your mid-life now and visualizing that time – today is definitely not too late. You have all the times to say your promise, or renew it again. To be with each other through thick and thin, rich and poor, sick or health, for better or worse is the realization of your dream. And for the years to come, the least you can offer is the love for each other until to your second life come. Heaven is in both of you that you need to regard, the overflowing joy in your hearts will be the eternal affection that holds your adoration.

Alex V. Villamayor

December 2010

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