Tuesday, January 18, 2011


(The below story is the simple English translation of the original story written in Tagalog language)

Each one of us wants companion – be it a friend, partner or spouse, everyone doesn’t want to be alone.  It can be in romance, friendship, struggle in life, ambition, livelihood, and human relationships.  Almost all of us if not everyone, need someone to be with because no one can be independent.

Life is better when you have someone to share your happiness, whether is it great, ordinary or just small things.  In times of your suffering, loneliness, frustration and failures – that someone will be with you crying, hurting and troubling.  In times of good things – someone is laughing, enjoying and celebrating with you.  Everyone needs companion, someone who will be beside you when you’re alone, behind your back in everything you do, and ahead to defend you.  You need friend to be happy, friend who will tell your faults, help you, reminds what your needs and praise your successes.

You need partner in life who will love you till last, boost you up, fill your lack and weaknesses and revolve your life.  Spouse who will response in your physical and emotional need, even spiritually and morally.  You need partner who will make you totally complete until you both age.  Man needs company because not at all time he can do all things alone.  He needs companion because men live to love that makes him as human.  To have children whom he will pull out of his strength and whom his world will move around.

In general, people believe that success can be measured through having your own family which makes the essence of your existence and reason why you were created human.  But how come there are people who cannot find partner in life?  There are those whose searching of the right, true, worthy at deserved partner seems so difficult and elusive to find – whether in friendship or relation.

There are some who’d been good to his family, friends, and country but the return of good fate seems too long before achieved. There may be something wrong with him as a person like he may be slow learner, difficult to understand, old fashioned, distant and aloof to social interaction.  But isn’t it just fair for his decency to receive the return of love that he gives?  In his desire not to lose friends and companion, he has to take care them through giving, providing constant favour and pampering his luxury.

He does everything to protect the marriage, relationship, friendship, or partnership.  He sacrifices, sometimes extending his kindness in taking the responsibilities even to the next kin of his partner.  Because he loves companion, he doesn’t want to give chance and reason that might cause his partner to lose the affection towards him.  He accepts to understand these as much as he can, until his effort reaches to sky just to protect his love for the person.  And yes, including in his daily prayers, that’s how great his love.

Some people need companion through badly means which we can’t blame because of their sincere kindness, love and utmost needs.  Understanding is the least we can give next to compassion because needing company is as much as we need to live.

Alex V. Villamayor
January 18, 2011

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