Saturday, January 01, 2011


Sometimes we have our frame of mind to plan something good for our friends that will make them pleased and happy. How much more in a special day that will really make them extra pleased and happy? Well, I would like to toss a potluck meal for a friend on a rare day made special for him – it’s his birthday. And I would like to prepare an ordinary thing but will become special because of the occasion. For him, I want to give him a present that will bring enjoyment not only for him but for the whole group of friends. Since the group love eating, I would like to prepare a simple, traditional and classic macaroni salad made diverged for the occasion.

The preparation set me off a couple of days before the day. I can choose only any of the shell and elbow macaroni, but I rather picked up the later. The load of my shopping bag was quite weighty to cart all the way to walk-home but the desire to make a salad lightened my hand-carry.

Then a day before the day, I started doing the choirs in the kitchen. On a pot of lightly salted water to a boil, I cooked the macaroni noodles for 8 minutes until its tender softness. On a separate casserole I boiled the chicken breast, drained it and set aside to cool. I shredded it into strip very thinly pieces. On a salad bowl, I poured the cooked and drained pasta, added the all-purpose cream and real mayonnaise until soaked and done. I mixed the shredded chicken meat. I diced the pealed carrots and the white onion minced, then the pineapple chunks finely chopped and the black raisins and stir them until well blended. The grated cheddar cheese added the highlight of the macaroni salad. And for seasoning I added a dash of salt and crushed pepper to taste.

Kept it refrigerated for at least an hour before serving it cold, but before I finally served it, I garnished it with stalk of broccoli on the centre sided with thinly sliced cucumber to present it well. And sprinkled with some chopped eggs on top that completed the finishing looks of my macaroni salad.

Imagining the dish in a small platter encircled and shared by a group of friends is a moment in time that highlights the bonding of the friends. Aside from sharing with the group of friends the food I enjoyed to prepare, the delight on a friend’s eyes and good gestures of the rest of the group is my reward that cannot pay off with any amount.

It’s the traditional preparation of the all-time favourite macaroni salad but what made it different is the presentation to a friend. Well, in an occasion like this, the simple dish can make special and elegant when you made it hands on. It doesn’t need to do it in a classy restaurant or spend lots of perks and cash to make the occasion grandiosely. It is not required a special day to do this but even in simple and ordinary days will do.

Alex V. Villamayor
January 1, 2011

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