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(The following story was published in 2010 4th Quarter issue of JAL Focus, a company newsletter).

At this very moment, you have the opportunity that you might never have again. Seizing up this very moment, it is now your option to take it off or make full the use of it. The very moment you have right now is your opportunity to improve yourself and move your life forward. The very moment you have right now is your chance to correct your mistakes from the past days, prove something valuable, and develop more effective ways of doing things.

The word opportunity is refer to an auspicious circumstance. It is a favourable state of situation or a suitable time that you readily waited. It may appear rarely that comes in intervals of time, and the tedious people say it comes once in a blue moon. But unwearied men can appreciate the opportunity every minute. Every day is our opportunity to make our ambitions realistic and start the better future of our life. Every time you wake up in the morning from long night of sleep is an opportunity – opportunity to have a better day, opportunity to change and start new life, opportunity to do anything you want to do. The moment you opened your eyes, you have just started the new opportunity for the rest of your life.

Opportunity exists in different forms and many ways. A cynic person may ask “If your job is digging garbage, should you say you love digging garbage?” Usually, we don’t love to dig trash, dirt and garbage but if it’s your opportunity to make it as your stepping stone to the ladder of success – why not to love it? Actually, you really don’t have to get stuck yourself on it, you just need to learn to appreciate the things you have today. Not everyone has the opportunity to do what they are presently doing – whether it is small or major thing. Learning to appreciate things around you will start your enthusiasm to love the opportunity. If someone says opportunity doesn’t knock, why don’t you build a door? People should not wait the opportunity but rather find the way to get it.

If you were given a new task that is totally strange from you, you have to accept the challenge as you love the opportunity rather than the intimidation of fear. When you were removed from what you say your ideal job that perfectly fits your personality and transferred to another assignment that is far from your specialization – see it as an opportunity to prove your strength and ability. Take it then as an opportunity to learn more rather than doing the usual and routine sequence of your job. It is your chance to experience new work, new environment, chance to meet new circle of comrades, get more duties and responsibilities that will sharpen your career path.

Anything happens is an opportunity. A difficulty in life is your chance to strive harder and motivate to further your full determination. Albert Einstein, a German theoretical physicist, philosopher, author and an awardee for Nobel Prize in Physics said “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Even the negative occurrence is an opportunity to learn and an experience to charge for. If you were lost, you have opportunity to find your way into your new world or pick up your pieces and stand anew. When you are down, it is your time to test your skill, endurance, and will power over the situation. Learn to smile at every situation, and your difficulties will lighten the burden.

People must not worry as opportunity is just a parade. Do not get worry if one chance has passed, for the next in line are flute, fife and drum rolls echoing from the far distance. There are plenty of opportunities out there. Surprisingly it is always with us – we may overlook it and unknowingly have it in our hand now. A nice quote by Albert E. Dunning says “Great opportunities come to all, but many do not know they have met them. The only preparation to take advantage of them is simple fidelity to watch what each day brings.” The least we are expecting might be the biggest opportunity we are waiting – it might be embedded but trying to open it might give us the chance of the lifetime we are waiting for long.

Alex V. Villamayor
December 22, 2010

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