Saturday, October 12, 2013


Warning: the following story contains adult materials that may not appropriate to some readers.  You may leave the page anytime.

In many sex scandals that have surfaced in the wide range of internet, unless they are of legal status who have mutual consent to do the video then I personally believe I don’t see problem in recording the video.

There are people who are just excited to record and watch their private moment and we have nothing to do with that as long as they are not creating public disturbance.  Some people want to have these private videos for their own personal collection only.   It is a private property and if it is a personal collection, then it is not intended for public view.

Recording personal and private intimate moment between two people is a prerogative and we do not have rights to prohibit them.  If that makes them happy, we do not interfere their lives.   We do not have the rights to dictate people about the right things when it comes to their own pleasure (again, as long as it is legal partner).

I take no offense to these people who are involved in the explicit videos.  The culprits of proliferation of these kinds of video in the net are those who uploaded the video.  The responsible for the viral of these sex scandals in the web is the uploader. The videos are private property and no third party person has the right to share it to others.  It is a qualified theft, invasion of privacy and destruction of reputation.

The pity here is the women, the minors, and the private individuals who were violated and stripped of human rights.  Given the fact that they preferred to do the recording and they wanted it, still it was not intended to show in public eyes therefore it should not be disclosed.

Putting any person in an uncompromising situation is always wrong and bad.  As long as there is no criminal law that will bar these irresponsible internet users, the victims of cyber bullying will not cease.  It is just sad, netizens are usually blaming those people who they see on the video but those who posted them are at large.

It’s time to have cyber law and order.  Cyber space is public and there should be peace and order in any public place.  Implement an act that will protect private individuals not only about the people in these sex scandals but also the irresponsible, abusive and mean netizens who are using democracy an excuse to abuse freedom and utter derogatory languages and images. 

Sex Scandals

By Alex V. Villamayor

October 12, 2013.

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