Friday, October 18, 2013


A friend is a father to three children.  He was a happy go lucky during the heydays of his singleness but being a young father gave him the sense of maturity, responsibility and selflessness.  And for the sake of his children he does sacrifices too.

When asked him how he feels during his birthdays, he said it’s not really big thing for him to prepare, celebrate or even wait his big day.  It just comes and passes as it is a normal and ordinary day.  What he wanted to prepare is the birthdays of his three children which what matters first and foremost for him.  He always wanted their big days happy that every child has to have, they deserved nothing less.

It is not important now to celebrate his day and in fact he’s not interested to throw a party at all.  He does his thanks between him and his Lord at least.  Those calls from his wife, the messages of his children and the e-cards they’re sending are more than enough to thank.   The simple text of his eldest and the giggling of the two younger on phone make his big day to feel real complete.

He’s done in partying and it’s time for his children’s important moment celebration now.  That is why, as much as he can, he throws birthday surprises for each even he’s from distance away. At least he can bring his presence during these important days of his children.  He misses his children so much.  Being a father away from his children is punishment in his personality, a blow in his sacrifices, and torture to his paternity.

To father is to sacrifice, the unconditional love for the children made him to disregard the worldly things for himself.  When he became a father, it is not important to look at his own interest, happiness and comfort.  Family first, this has been his priority.  At the end of the day, it is his wife and children that can give him everything anyway.  It is in his wife and his children that his whole life revolves.

Whenever I say enjoy the life, he most likely shrug.  Forget those original and branded shoes, clothes, and bags that are fitted for him, never mind those latest gadgets that are helpful to him, and no need those parties’ invitations to attend.  What’s he really after is his son’s toys, his daughters’ dresses, their school needs, their childhood’s desire, welfare, and concerns that will left in their happy childhood.  More than anything else, his children are his life.

A father’s birthday, the big day of a father that is a friend of mine, shows the unselfishness that exists in his personality.  True, it doesn’t matter all the richness in the world to a loving father, as long as his children and his family as a whole is returning back the love and respect that are just right to be given to a loving father, nothing more can be ask for in this  special day.

By Alex V. Villamayor
October 18, 2013

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