Saturday, October 12, 2013


Some looks like smart.  When they speak their work seems they speak their heart and soul.  But when getting to know them further you’ll find out they are not really very good as they are.   When it comes to work, performing your duties and responsibilities both by book and by heart, or even being workaholic doesn’t really speaks a good quality of your work.  Aside from those, it is your honesty and attitude to perform your job complete your work quality.  And these are the big task to fill in.

The skill to communicate well is deceiving, it masters the lies.  It is not only the efficiency in your work but it is the attitude as well that makes you more professional.  No matter how well you did your task but if you cheat your employer, then you are not really excellent.  Working hard and doing your job well are easy but honesty in works takes a lot of effort that is so tough to keep for life.  Completing the duties and responsibilities given to an employee, assuming all the works, and even extending the time beyond working hours are not the true measure of an honest worker.  What it really takes to count in are the fairness and truthfulness.  And to tell the truth, it is really tough to claim the honesty because it scrutinizes you from your tip to toe.

Do you come to work at least before the start of the working hour and leave your place after the end of the business hour?  Punctuality doesn’t really show in timekeeping.  If you are claiming that you leave your office at correct time while in fact you went home early and sitting at the convenience of your living room, that is cheating.  If you know by yourself that you have nothing to do yet you are extending your time and collect your company for pay, if you do not report to work when you do not feel to work while you’re supposed to work, and if you allocate time for your own personal errand like shopping during the working hours, these are dishonesty that cannot just to shrug.

You’re then not deserved to receive what company is paying you.  However as humanitarian treatment, workers are given icebreakers from warm long hard works.  Things like walking shortly, going to cafeteria to refresh, chatting once in a while are allowed as regard to the human workers are not machines.  Taking trivial company resources like small pencils and few papers for personal use can be let taken out of giving.  But some workers are just abusive.

This is why to become a real honest to goodness best worker is exhausting and very tough job. You will not endure to literally work eight hours a day in five days a week.  It is stressful, doing it for over a year, I guess you’re as good as withered veggies by now because this means a real gory scrimmage.  As human, we feel it is difficult to have an all-work day.  The management as human themselves is permitting us to do personal stuff as long as it is occasional and reasonable.  This helps our productivity.  We were given some small privilege to use some of company’s resources like internet and office stationeries for our personal use but we should use them prudently and with full responsibility.

I myself was not a hundred per cent full-pledged good employee.  In some points of my career, I admit I have done some dishonesty.  In the span of my two decades of working career, I had “petty crimes” like taking pens, pads, pins, and in very rare occasion I’ve cheated my punctuality out of cooperation but felt guilty afterwards.  But I’ve been through to that and for years I am working diligently, independently and punctually.   Through these, I can get even in my shortcomings and mistakes that at least I can still feel proud that indeed I am working honestly.

By Alex V. Villamayor
October 12, 2013

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