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As part of operating business, every company would like to establish a distinguished identity that will identify them.  One of these objectives is to have a corporate logo that will instantly recognize their name, their products and services.  For instant recognition, the corporate logo plays an important part in company profile.

Logo could be the social image of any group.  It represents the company’s corporate identity, core values and vision.  It symbolizes the product and service excellence.  It also signifies the company’s highly motivated employees who are well respected in their chosen field of expertise, and represents the supportive management and the importance to the servicing community.

Reflect in the logo the main business that everyone in the company is offering.  Looking on it, it is assumed that this is the products and services which is the result of team work from the topmost men of the company down to its talented workers.  Highlight your advantages, goodness and versatility – these symbolize your leadership in the market.

Corporate logo is the company itself that speaks their legacy, reputation and success.  It should leave an instant remarkable impact that creates a distinguished favorable corporate identity and lasting impression.  Catchy and lasting, these are characteristics that need to seal in the logo.

Simplicity in putting all your strength in a simple but detailed, enough and complete design is tough task to fill in.  In excessive array of qualifications, selecting the strongest point can be the unanimous decision.  Attempting to have elegant and sophisticated symbol tells crowning glory of the company.  It is designed to be iconic symbol of reputation and integrity that will leave remarkable presence but acceptance of the going public might risky.

Better yet to describe the history of the company or a story behind the success.  It will show the courage of embarking the responsibilities for your products and services to the benefiting consumer and community.   It will mean full determination, will power and strong perseverance in keeping commitment to your customers.

Your company’s goal or core value could be best theme of your logo.  Symbol that strongly holds the core values, visions and ideals are perfect design in transmitting the legacy of the company.  These themes, together with the shape and usage of right color selection play important impact to represent the company.  Their overall appearance will encapsulate the main objective and benefits of the company that can be the social image that we would like to leave.

By Alex V. Villamayor
April 11, 2011

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