Friday, July 18, 2014


Time and again, people with exaggerated belief in superiority over gender, race, religion, and wealth are wittingly and unwittingly accused of unfair.  Similarly, there are the chauvinists whose extreme defence, allegiance and praise to their own belief or cause are prejudiced, excessive, unfair, and unreasonable.  When it comes to gender discrimination, sexism or misogyny often exhibits in male chauvinism than its female counterpart.  Although it’s their personal prerogative but when they go out from their own rooms and get to interact with the outside group of the more widely person that are not the same as they are, sexists are becoming unusually impossible to deal with.

There is the so called dam controversial man’s world because the early occurrence during the ancient times were magnified and accorded to assuming earth defender male human species.  Over the years, the world has been spearheaded by great men in history who ruled the world in their times and era because biologically they are brawnier, bigger and bolder than females.  A big conspiracy, males overruled the weaknesses of females and interrupted the potential power of women through brute force.  Taking advantage it, they took control and made women subordinate to obey.  The world revolved in men’s name and stories and thru the passing of times, it became practice, pattern and precedent.  It started in this concept of mindset and eventually became interpretation of the sexists on what they want to trust, live and propagate.  Until now, many societal structures, rules, traditions, and practices are stacked in favour of men over the always dubbed weaker sex women.

Even the religious scriptures have the male personalities that have used to look as the world is made for male.  It is said man will reign over all animals that walk, swim and crawl in this earth, and woman will submit herself to her husband.  But this submission is a marital obligation, and it doesn’t cover the social, religious and human rights.  And being the highest form of animal that we are, when it is said man it doesn’t mean the male but instead the human which is the men and women.  Apparently female are human too, therefore both men and women will reign over all animals that walk, swim and crawl.  The books may have numbers of male prophets but back in days, prophetesses have existed.  However in patriarchal culture of then becoming anti feminism society, they were not allowed to come up hence never widely emphasized and even removed them from records.  Virtually, the dominating men did as they wanted and spruced whatever crap they wanted.

Our time is biased to the concept of the so called “it’s a man’s world” that we acquired from the beginning of our civilization.  Until this day, there is still the elusive gender equality to accomplish, and the advocates fight for the rights of fair men and women equality.  All human creatures should fairly enjoy the world, be it male or female, young or old, rich or poor.  This writing is not about to bash males and uplift the other one.  It is not if against to one gender but it is the justice for both to live and enjoy the world.  Cultured, advanced, and matured world is accepting and recognizing the equal rights of men and women, then why not this sexist people?  There is no place in this civilized world the sexists who are still stuck in barbaric primitive age and not advancing to accept the popularly agreed changes.  In this called man’s world winged by mother earth, male chauvinists raised by their mother, and God’s people called daughters including men, who’s man then can disown dependency with women?

I don’t like chauvinism and any forms of discriminating.  I want to have a world that is fair – no sexism even man-haters, no racial discrimination, no harassment of the potent to the weak, no selfishness and no inequality.

By Alex V. VillamayoR
July 18, 2014

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