Sunday, July 27, 2014


On the centennial founding year of Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC), there are more than a hundred of reasons to admire and respect this religious group of Christ’s believers.  This writing is not intended to discuss the definition and purposes of the religion since I have just a little knowledge on this sect.  In non-religious perspective, this is to recognise and acknowledge the important lesson that everyone can get from INC, aside from giving them a warm regards on their successful one hundred years.  The most distinguished characteristics I admire in INC members are their strong support, great love, respect, value and recognition to their religious affiliation which all Filipinos must learn. The astonishing faith, discipline and sense of esteem of our brothers and sisters in INC show all of us the important recognition, respect and obedience to our superiors.  The displayed solidarity and unity of its flocks is undeniably unmatched in their issues held.  Their block voting is the living proof that every political experts will not ignore.  And in here is I am giving my deep admiration to their unshaken unity that each one of us should learn to engrave and live.

Every Filipino should learn the importance of trust, unity, cooperation, and obedience.  Once we selected the head of our nation that will lead, protect and guide us, we should all united in building up our goals and together we walk hand in hand leading to that goal regardless of our points of view.  For our love to our country, we should unite in giving our support to our leaders and set aside our political inclusion.  Obviously we are disunited and we really do not care our country if it oppresses us to rise for as long as we can do our interests.  It doesn’t matter whoever sit, if it is not in our political party and alley then it will be hard for us to follow the leader.  There are so many of us who even stand in front to details the shortcomings and defects of our leaders.  When there is new program, the critics will disapprove it immediately without giving a chance to accommodate the program.  When there is every achievement to celebrate, we will just underestimate the success and we’ll even search a fault.  There is nothing wrong to always oppose, it is just noticed that for every administration, these are the same militant group leaders who are always on the street to object.

Crab mentality lives in our heart if we do not want to accept our root and disparities, we want us to always exceed and we do not want everybody to be happy.  Many Filipinos just do not want them surpassed by their peers, thus comes criticism and racism within same nation.  We even take the lead to ridicule and hate our representatives in international competition and the worse of it we expose their weaknesses.  We need to learn by heart a little sense of patriotism.  We are always saying this but the very truth is generally no.  Unlike other countries, they show their patriotism through unconditional love, prayer and encouragement for they have installed in their heart their unity to defend their own.  Like INC, every Filipino should learn how to become united.  When we believe with all our heart and soul, by all means we will stand to that belief.  When we criticise the block voting of our brothers and sisters, we are saying it as oppressing their freedom.  It is not repression of freedom because all believers’ regardless of religion, if you believe with all your heart and soul then you will learn your God is leading you in the right way.  If we will understand the meaning of belief, we will follow whoever anointed us to lead us.

Alex V. Villamayor
July 27, 2014

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