Tuesday, July 01, 2014


The holy month of Ramadan is simply perfect.  Piety, prosperity and solidarity that many people are striving to achieve are just blended well during this month.  Upon approaching this blessed month of Ramadan, I’ve come up with this thought about two common worries but widely cried from all walks of life.  This is about our health concern and I thought this is just a perfect time to share since they are something that can relate to the season of the month.

For those who have difficulty and breaking their own promises to startthe healthy living, this is the best time to perform your resolution to dodieting.  It is proven that an effective way of adhering diet is reducing the amount of food consumption which ideally can be done during fasting time.  It is because fasting gives chance for our digestive systemto easily cleanse, clear and purify the body toxins during empty stomach.   Our internal body mechanism works well to burn the unnecessary fats when there is no large volume of food to digest.  The thirty days of Ramadan is enough to teach us the discipline needed in adhering diet and it might as well accustom our stomach with reduced food intakes.  And it is just a perfect timing to start losing that unwanted weight in this time of the season.  When back to normal timeand it feels us hungry, sometimes we have to let it be for as long we do not skip meals on time.

While cigarette smoking is a health risk aside from one of the hardest habits to break, Ramadan is so kind to those who are battling the smoking cessation and be freed from the label of being chain smokers.  I believe if we really want to stop, then we must stand our decision since Ramadan is perfectly helping us in making it easier.  If we can make smoking cessation while the sun is out there, then it means we can sustain it up to the next hours.  You were able to bear it in the day, why not for the rest of the night.  If it is harsh, make it gradual by start reducing your cigar every night until Ramadan ends.  A stick or two or three for the rest of the night is good compare to the pack you consume the whole day.  And then I’m almost sure you’ll be successful in smoking cessation that you’d battled for long.... and it is a nice gift.

But this is not just about diet and smoking cessation.  We can apply in our life the essence of today’s season.  For those who have been through a tough test in life or in the feeling of losing in the challenge of life, we can think that Ramadan gives the promise of good and blessings to start over again.  Be inspired that for every sacrifice we made will be a blissful and bountiful life achieve.  Start the sharing, compassion, appreciation, thanksgiving, humility and simplicity.  Although these are being done in whole round of the year but it is during in this season that our good deeds are simply the most perfect time to spread, dignify and appreciate.  Let us use this perfect time in whatever good endeavor we want to pursue and we will receive the return in whatever forms of grace that we must be thankful.

By Alex V. Villamayor
June 22, 2014

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