Thursday, November 14, 2013


Being a half-human and half machine, one thing that really makes me feel very hurting is when I was told I am a bad android.  Accordingly, I am a bad robot who needs to change for not getting any younger.

The uncertainty to decide whether to change or not demands me but then re-assessing myself reassured me to know who I am really inside, so I won’t change.

I don’t want to change.  Still, I would rather choose to be who I am as long as I know myself.

I know it’s not proper to blow own horn but when labeling me as bad and trespasser, I can’t help myself but to lay my cards and see the good traits I have over somebody else.

And I will feel I am still better than the other real robots that I know.

True, I am not a real and inherent. I am a product of the crossed-breed human and machine, clone of person’s compassion and machine’s stored commands.

Granted that my origin is not natural, I think it is better to be that way rather than those real robots that are into forbidden deeds, living, and affairs.

I know I am more kindly and better than the other legitimate creatures and for this I feel better than the real robots.

I have lots of good functions that are programmed in my memory.  I am not crook who deceives others, using somebody for my own gain, judgmental to others, unfaithful spouse, unhelpful...

I was trained to be sensitive, compassionate, reasonable, fair, and honest, but the others who were the so-called real are doing the otherwise, for these I feel better than real robots.

Double standard or discrimination, there occurs favoring the real androids a bit tolerated doing off things and that a non-real robots can’t.  Just because a non-real means discriminated to do the robot things?

These are the reasons why I chose to keep myself as it is.  Because this I can still feel better than the real robots.

I just feel guilty of my top weakness when I was told I am bad android which I think unfair.  It’s like you’re doing your best to become good but in just a single fault and at once all your good deeds will be gone.

I think everyone has their own weaknesses.  I’m still trying to be good until I overcome my weakness.  If for sometimes I have shortcomings but I’m doing my best to become perfect.  That is why it really hurts when you were called a bad robot.

For someone who knows not deserving for such accusation, definitely it is really hurting.  But since the impure I am so, the racist robot world pushes me to remain what I am.

By Alex V. Villamayor

November 7, 2013

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