Monday, November 11, 2013


Disclaimer: the article contains sensitive subject matter.  Personal opinion only.

In our time today, our impression in homosexual is no longer affliction, shocking and somewhat disgrace.  Although it’s not yet totally accepted but majority of the society nowadays are warmly recognize and actively interrelate with the gays and lesbians.  Along with the growth of human race, the rapid increased in number of homosexual influences more men and women of coming out today.  This glaring reality plus our adaptation in modern age make easier for us to be broad-minded and kind-hearted in welcoming their growth.  Although sexists still exist, but they are not potent now because more straight men and women today are fond of being in the company of gays and lesbians.  Going out of the closet today is not new and whether we admit it or not, gays and lesbians are more accepted today than ever before.

However, the stereotype mindset for homosexuality is always associated to sexual orientation and relation.  And a relationship outside the conventional is always controversial and debatable.  Sexual preference is a long outstanding, in-depth and sensitive social, medical and spiritual issue.  But unlike with some other people, I am not to judge the relationship between the two same sexes.  Personally I sympathize with them though I don’t want to interfere.  But, when the expression and public display of affection becomes obvious, when things become awkward and oddly, my normal reaction is not in favor.  Being gay or lesbian as a person is acceptable but gay and lesbian as lifestyle is something that up to this date is insufficiently good enough.  Lifestyle such as gestures and character are fine but grave things such as show of affection and gay marriage are still awkward.  There are just some things in gayness world that no need to brag.

Open homosexual relationships are still queer and it cannot help to gossip when seeing romantic gay or lesbian couples’ obvious moves just right under your nose, how could you then not even talk about them if they themselves are insinuating?  There is nothing wrong in gossiping because it is just act of a normal reaction with what our naked eyes can see.  As long as there is no judgment, ridicule, and condemn involved, talking about people’s affair is not bad.  It is just being talked about.  What I see wrong here are the lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals who display their bizarre mutual understanding amidst of what are norms.  It is not saying the other way of norms but it should be noted that it still has to observe the prescribed behavior when in public because it is in this situation the gays and lesbians were publicly persecuted.

It is not restricting their right to love and be happy.  Intrusion to their affair is depriving them from expression of love which is quite unfair.  Everybody has the right to be happy but not all that make you happy can be done.  Some beyond the prescribed are just need to restraint.  Sometimes we don’t need to say we’re right when we believe we’re right, especially if it will risk something.  While equal rights are their continuous battle cry, discrimination still harasses their freedom, interests, and rights, lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals community is patiently waiting.  Some of them are just too proud to show romantic moment, for they don’t care others as long as they don’t disrupt anyone.  Well they are already grown up and old enough, they know what they’re doing and it’s up to them.  Until if their actions are already disruption to some, a balancing bolt must weigh the measuring scale.  I guess it is the proper place.  There is always a place for everything and you have just to choose the place of displaying your romantic affair.  It is just sad that there is still no place for open homosexual relationships.

By Alex V. Villamayo
November 1, 2013

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