Friday, October 31, 2014


People who have physical, mental, spiritual, and genetic features differ from our basic standard measurement of being person are typically labeled odd.  Some may emotionally, sexually and specially unusual and most often than not, their kind of appearances and characteristics is not widely accepted and easily disregarded because of their off-condition on the general public.  What pity, sad and offensive here is being “abnormal” is regarded as stigma, syndrome, ridiculous, burden and weakness in our society.  But what is the accurate measure of a person?

Luis and Belle are one of those coined “abnormal” by the perfect society of people.  Crying foul for treating them outcast, Luis and Belle narrated that they feel this world is quite unfair.  From time to time they need to change and adjust themselves in this one-way world and give-way to what it is said the norms.  Seems this world is for the “normal” and they who are not need to adapt and cooperate.  They have no right to demand, be hurt and complaint because they are not what it is said to be the norms.  Just because of their personality and character, people are so prejudiced, judgmental, harsh and subjective.  For the longer times Luis and Belle are trying to be kind, to please others, and keep on making good impressions for the gratification of people but seem they are burning out.  Sometimes they already feel sick and tired for themselves of making it good, waiting to be appreciated and longing for the respect they deserved.  Thus it can’t help to think but to feel they were just being used. With their personality, they’re tired with the feeling of keep on trying so hard to give the best efforts to make people happy and pleased them and then when they screwed or missed, everything good, nice and right things they made even those done before will be gone and disregarded.

There are nights Luis and Belle want to cry to release the baggage and wish things should have never happened at all.  The world practically offend and irk them for they are not what it is said the norm.  Sometimes when talking to God, Luis and Belle cannot hide their grievance and grudge in everything – in people, the things, fate, time, chances, and even to themselves.  Fed up of understanding that everything has reasons for these pains and sufferings, it is difficult to accept that nothing will be given that we cannot deliver.  Luis and Belle are human and they are getting tired too.  For all the efforts they are doing just to please people, they need some return be it direct or indirect and tangible or not, just to calm down their tiredness.  A little love is what they want, though it is not imposed but to earn and not to ask but to wait, but for those who are so used, it will come to their feelings.  Although they know it is not right to expect, but in reality as a person, we need considerations and consolation.

In summary, the bottom line of all these discrimination, preconception, derogation, and subjective is of being odd.  It has to be two things only, it’s either odd or not.  The only question now is how to say odd or not.  People may differ in looks, attitude, and preference but we are all human that needs place and respect.  In our society, being odd is a stigma that ruins self spirit and a disease that kills the equality.  If everyone will presume each one as human being and not as a person, then respect will come easily to prevail over anyone.  The golden rule must emerge because it embodies the basic respect.  Learn to respect if you want to be respected.

By Alex V. Villamayor
October 31, 20014

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