Monday, January 19, 2015


Fainted on his face are the sorrows of times.
Few tears are welling up on the somber eyes.
Those gray hairs and folds on face are signs,
tricking the aged has lived the full circle of life.
But wait, it’s no when you look the other side.

When the sun of noon sets its horizon at night,
and darkness covers the entire room out of sight.
The ghosts of unfulfilled task are all coming back.
Yes it hides the obscured lonesome in the dark.
but not the tears glistening through moonlight.

Too good to be gentleman back to his early time.
Though he wanted more but was wrong for some.
When time comes to feel those must’ve been done.
Too late to realize, opportunity do not let someone.
Must have to be silly sometimes to become full man.

The septuagenarian cries for the guilt of the past,
begrudging for experiences that he never ever tried.
How sad to get old without following your heart,
for when you get there you will feel the empty life.
True, repentance is indeed always set at the last.

Life should’ve been better if not for cowardice.
Things been came and gone with no care as is.
His life’s not a fine wine that gets better with age.
Opportunities have just passed under the bridge.
Leaving is easy to accept when as cold as a fridge.

For weakening mind of a ridden old man on bed,
thinking what is right or wrong has no different.
There are things that should do only in summer,
Wrong it be, say sorry.  No regrets come in winter.
Then the promise of spring is sweet on life after.

Man passes in this world, make to live life worth,
like a wild bird in the sky but so near to Creator.
Idiocy in our peak soon will shape every creature.
It’s the lesson to learn that complete our existence.
For it’ll be better no to bitter to the life that is less.

By Alex V. Villamayor
January 19, 2015

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