Tuesday, January 06, 2015


I have woke up in one sultry uneasy night,
in the midst of darkness that wraps my sight.
I’ve seen some light that comes from outside,
penetrating in the thin gap of window shut.

It’s calling me as I’m under the spell of charm.
So I have got up and peeped on the thin gap.
In my amazed, I have rested to what I’ve got.
It’s a charming moon so full, big and bright,
solely outshining the darkness of the midnight.
Its plumpness, full blown that seems will burst.

I can’t understand there’s strange sense in me.
Whilst the so round moon that seems so near,
looking at me and illuminating where I stand.
I felt the great power over the clear moonlight.
I think it’s the tale mystery that wraps the night.
The chosen one that I am will stand on the top.

Tonight, I am as valiant as the mighty warrior,
yet in my warm heart is as tame as a lost soul.
Galloped in the stallion on way to warfare zone,
I am passing through the high tide in seashore.

And the hero of the full moon shields the home,
through an epic battle where fall is unknown.
When the God and Goddesses of nature join,
to prepare the world of children be scoured.

Being unsung hero it’s kind of sad when it last,
for I want the broods free from the dark night.
Although it is fictitious of heroism for mankind,
I’ll sit in the window waiting the full moon again.

By Alex V. Villamayor
January 5, 2015

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