Wednesday, March 04, 2015


I hate animal cruelty as I feel the same for domestic violence and war.  Seeing someone inflicting physical harm to anyone feels me in pain, be it human or animals.  It’s uncivilized, barbaric and ferocious characters that have no place to home in quiet, peaceful and compassionate world that we are trying to build up.Putting harm to animals be it domesticated or wild is unfair.  Animals have their own kingdom that they will not intrude our place and will not hurt people on the first place unless we did, though normally animals are just reciprocating.  But people are interfering their peace nestling in their homes.  Some or maybe most of us are natural bully who would monopolize and manipulate the animals.  Using tools and gears just to beat or slaughterthemis unacceptable unless defending ourselves.

Animals have life to feel the pain when battered, suffering when injured and weep tears when moan in extreme pain.  I don’t like seeing a hit and run lifeless cat in roads,a bloody fate of any roaming pets.  Likewise the stoning to dogs or birds being shoot, or anydying animal due to torture and impoverishment are heartbreaking.Reading the news about massive massacre of dynamite fishing is ruthless.Harming animals is act of insanity and immaturity.  It is not usual to feel the joy in harming and threatening life. Human, being the highest form of animal has rational ability, logic and natural emotional quotient.It is in here we differ from animalsthat anyone who put these harm are subjected to doubt their rational ability.  True, it needs an animal instinct to harm an animal.  Where are the mercy and compassion that are natural in human heart?

It is good thing there is animal welfare act (RA 8485) and wildlife-protection act (RA 9147) in Philippines to protect the helpless animals.  Thank to those animal rights extremists and to the advocates of animals’ welfare for protecting their basic interests and giving what is due and right for them.  Some people are ignoring the cruelty to animals simply because they think animals are just animals that are not important and that treating animals something like human is overacting.  Some people are disregarding the restrictions of extinction of endangered animals for their own selfish benefits and welfare either as personal rare collection or for human consumption.  But these are important social issues that need to properly address.

As human we should know respect.  Animals need respect too.  Putting them in gory fight for the enjoyment of spectators, seeing those in vile crush video, and profiting them from gambles are totally unfair and disrespectful to animals’ rights.  Animals are entitled to the possession of their own lives, let’s spare them from this.  Remember the golden rule when we were taught as young children, and the teachings from all major religions about the principles of kindness, compassion and peacefulness – these should be extended to all living beings.  If we have the right to life, to food and to be free of pain, animals are deserved too to afford the same consideration as the similar interests of human beings.

Human and animals are creations of God that should enjoy the world fairly.  One day I wish there is no more last frontier and see men and animals are mingling around without barriers, protecting the world that God have created for us.  Let us create a paradise for men and sanctuary for lost and endangered animals.  Let us despise cruelty to animals.

By Alex V. Villamayor
March 3, 2015

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