Friday, October 09, 2015


I’ve been a fan of local tour in my country for I certainly know there is more fun in the Philippines.  I’m more interested to visit different tourist destinations in my own place rather than checking out popular international tourist destinations and attractions.  And I have strong belief that some places are comparably even more spectacular than those highly publicized international tourist destinations.  My country is an archipelago with more than 7,100 islands that there are so many places to go, that in my own place alone is not enough and there are more places to discover so why it has need to go out.  I think one has to visit first his own land before going to foreign land thus it makes one should never become foreigner in his own country.  Actually I am not really interested to visit different foreign tourist destinations because they have no attraction for me.  Maybe my sense of nationalism holds back me to feel it.  The only few places that I want to experience are the Sphinx Pyramid of Egypt, Paris in France, the Holy Land of Israel, and USA since almost everyone is looking up American dream.

They say travel while you are young and able. Some argue that they will get to it later, that while they have to do other priorities they can always travel later.  But being young is the time you can do whatever you want, getting old limits your times to do more.  When it is not important now, when will it be?  Going to different places will teach you to relate to others, environment, build compassion, handle challenges and above all learn something.  While still young, get to know the real world and people, and you will realize it’s a big and small world that it is so huge that not just about you but there are other people out there that the world is so small to reach them, regardless if local or global.  And you will realize you just know very little about life.  They may say travelling is expensive, luxury and waste of money but going to tourists attractions becomes too expensive when your idea of travelling is pleasure and leisure of grand vacation.  It’s not just about being tourist but it’s about experiencing life, having few more memories, experience and of course it is about you, your life.

While still working, there are two things that I really wanted to do in my life; to visit local scenic spots and own a home.  My connection to nature empowers my interest in visiting places that have natural beauty while having a home where I can make it a haven of nature for me to feel the same relaxation when I go travel.  There is blue in above and green surrounds, these are what make me feel relax and comfortable, and complete my dream of getting closer to nature.  From 2004 – 2009, I paused my plans in traveling in favor of dreaming a house but I failed in both.  The following year and onward, I decided to pursue my interest in visiting nice places, at least I could have one out of two rather than nothing at all.  Until my surprise on 2013 – I had them both, though it may not literal but it’s a home for me.  What I want to underline here is we follow what our heart desires that will make our life happy.  But it is not just because we want it but it should be the right, just and proper.  And travelling for me is right to do as long as you are capable to do it, you are not neglecting your future, and you are doing your responsibilities to your families.  And without these, then there I know I have mistaken my belief.

In my experience, I do not consider traveling luxury because for one thing I’m still within the classification of low-cost tour, and the point here is to seize the moment and experience life.  What I do not see proper in travelling is when you compel to go around while you don’t have resource.  And for me, it is not waste of money because it gives me long term knowledge, memories and meaningful experience.  An American writer Henry Valentine Miller said “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”.   I agree because nothing can compare the price of witnessing the God’s creation that nobody can match or even exceed.   Personally, I feel it’s worth to go.  I am taking care my family as always, I’ve been working hard for long and at least in ten years now I’m close enough to become retiree, I think maybe I’m too deserved to go to places to enjoy myself.

By Alex V. Villamayor
October 9, 2015

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