Tuesday, September 27, 2016


If God really exists, why do evils still happen?  Why are there so many people hurting, suffering and in so much pain?  We had world wars, scarcity, AIDS, 9/11 terror, Holocaust, Syrian slaughters, crimes, children raped, innocent victims of war, diseases, violence, injustice, abandoned children, sick people, etcetera.  Why the great loving, so merciful and absolute powerful God allows sufferings to happen?  How God allow these things to happen?  Is there really God?  What if there is no God?

Is God exists?  This is one of the most common argument yet most tricking questions an Atheist can ask and actually a potent weapon they can challenge against the believers.  If there is existing God, why God allows these bad things to happen?  We are saying God is good, full of love and powerful but why God let them us experience them.  If the God knows everything that means God have foreseen all of these, then why God still allowed them to happen?   If God is the almighty, why allow evil to win over good?  I cannot give a complete answer on this.  We cannot have full answer on this world.  This is a question as old as our belief.  First of all, we must recognize that we were created human with minds that can only use to the extent that it allows.  To understand beyond, you must have faith to believe that mind fails to appreciate.

All sufferings, or say all bad things are man-made. People have the freewill to make their own life.  We chose to become the evil we are.  Whatever we received, they are the consequences of our ill deeds.  God is not the creator of evil and suffering.  People made the world war, sexual diseases, terrorism, and etcetera.  God did not kill the innocent children in war but the selfish and apathetic people.   Then why God allowed this selfish and apathetic people succeed? God called His flock but is HHpeople do not come.  Adults know the rights and wrongs but these innocent children, the sinless 3 years old child or maybe 8 months old was raped or murdered, how is that can explain?  Why do bad things happen to good people?  Where is God when these were happening?  These questions bring back us to the evils that men have made.  The parents, guardian and the adult companion of the child victim must watch, protect, guide, pray and teach good deeds to their children.  Something is wrong with these adult that if they were just watching and taking care their children, these children may not perish.  If the parents knew how to pray the protection of God over their children, they would not get raped.  But then it may ask why these children must pay the sins that they did not make or the shortfall of their parents?  Satan is the one behind all rapes and people are the evildoers, then does it mean the evil is more powerful than good?  God showed the way out to Satan but people chose the worldly things.  And still ask, why then God still allowed these to happen.  Because, all experience be good or bad will make us stronger and closer to God.  God wants us to realize and learn what is good and bad.  Then why just didn’t God create the world with no suffering?  Actually it was.  The world was perfect, no harms, no sorrow, no suffering, and no sins until men did.  It always goes back to men’s ill doings.

God exists, the problem is that people do not go to Him. That is why there is so much pain and misery in this world.  People are themselves to blame that happens.  If someone ask, an atheist or an agnostic, if God exist why then God is allowing bad things to happen, ask them first the standards to define good or bad things  They will say evil as per their explanation but for us it might just a blessing in disguise, so how can you say it is bad indeed?  It is better to live believing the existence of God because in here you can make your life to live good.  If you die and you learned there is no God – good for you because you lived your life good.  But if there is, sorry for you but you will receive the punishment waiting for you.

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